Malam Terakhir LKTD
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Assalamualaikum semua. Nak tanya betul ke followers elcah suka ecah pakai tudung bawal macamni 😜 komen sikit — Kulit sihat cuma amalkan setiap hari @elcahco before breakfast 🥞

I fall more and more in love with this place each and every trip! Till next time Nola!

* new * Lily Dress ✿~

I have no idea what I’m doing but @flymalin and @katie_my_lady looks great 😆 What’s your weekend plans? . . #saturdays #GoProTYW #yayfortheweekend

Have come to learn of the death of Rami Bains. RIP brother. He was from what we have heard a state champion swimmer. His so called friends peer pressured him to jump from a boat in to the middle of the lake before just driving off and leaving him to drown. The cold temperature of the water led him to drown. RIP to an athlete and a fellow brother. The video leaves a rather bitter taste in the mouth.

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