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Xmas is a busy time, and flossing might seem a tedious task....but with all the tempting sweet treats it's really important! Our blog 'Festive Flirting & Flossing' - http://ow.ly/PPER30mWqYp has tips to help you fit it into your routine! #holisticdentist #festiveflossing

Why wait for the New Year?!! How about flossing while watching TV ..... get a head start on your New Years Resolutions.....your teeth will thank you for the rest of your life! #atoothisforlife #dentaltips #oralhygiene #floss #prevention #holisticdentist

All the practices Dr. Nibali visited for a Lunch & Learn said they would recommend it to one of their fellow practitioners. Spring 2019 dates are out! Check out the link below and book your Lunch & Learn now! #holisticdentist #feedback #dentaloutreach #periodontist #specialist

If you are too busy to call us during the day, take advantage of our online booking system: http://ow.ly/zczn30mOIUD - It’s perfect to help you book your dental visits in your spare time.

If you haven't had a Lunch & Learn with Dr Nibali you have another opportunity in 2019 to study a periodontal topic with him here is the link for full info: http://ow.ly/TSur30mRtbU #holisticdentist #dentaloutreach #periodontist #lunchandlearn

Life changing Christmas presents are hard to find. Our Invisalign + Whitening offer is the perfect way to start 2019 with the smile you've always wanted. Get in touch now foryour free consultation with Shumaila our Practice Manager. #holisticdentist #offer #invisalign #whitening

"Overall the course content was relevant and well delivered. It was an informal setting which was great for interaction. A great idea for practice promotion!" Thank you Oakwood Dental for your welcoming atmosphere and inspiring review. More Lunch & Learn dates coming soon.

Our goal is to inspire our patients to adopt a holistic view of their health. As part of Mouth Cancer Action month, check out our blogs to help you to easily adopt a healthy oral hygiene regime to suit your lifestyle. Go to rdpholistic.co.uk for more information.

'Children respond more actively and positively to grown ups... so it is really important for them to have the opportunity to listen to and ask questions to a professional!' - Comment on our school visit feedback survey. #feedback #holisticdentist #schoolvisit

Are you sure your Christmas list is complete? Think again! Your smile also deserves a gift. Our Invisalign + Whitening offer is still on tuntil 31 Dec 2018! Call Shumaila on 020 8748 4023 and book your free consultation. #holisticdentist #offer #invisalign #whitening

You asked, we listened. The Invisalign + Whitening offer is back for a limited time only. Make sure you catch it this time! (Includes free consultation) #holisticdentist #invisalign #whitening #offer #holidayoffer

Today, Kafia taught the kids at Jack in the Box Montessori how to take care of their teeth! It's never too early to create healthy dental habits to ensure a life long sparkling smile. If you're interested in one of our visits please get in contact. #holisticdentist #school

We pride ourselves on our preventive approach, so a soft tissue examination is part of every consultation at RDP. To promote Mouth Cancer Action Month we also encourage self examination. If you have any concerns visit your dentist. #holisticdentist #mouthcancer #selfexam

You can prevent mouth cancer by not smoking, limiting alcohol to the recommended weekly amount, eating lots of healthy, fresh vegetables, citrus fruits, olive oil & fish. Here's Dr Batavia with some tasty treats to inspire you! #holisticdentist #mouthcancer #awareness

Getting that set of white pearls for Christmas has never been easier. Our Invisalign + Whitening offer is back! Call Shumaila on 020 8748 4023 to book your free consultation now! #holisticdentist #offer #invisalign #whitening

Securely book your appointments online by following these 7 steps - going to your dentist has never been easier! #holisticdentist #dentistlondon #westlondondentist #onlinebooking

Nothing like a good #throwbackthursday - Our Invisalign + Whitening Offer is back due to popular demand. You have until December 31st to start your new year with a glowing smile. Call Shumaila, our practice manager on 020 8748 4023 for more information. #holisticdentist #offer

It's Mouth Cancer Action Month & it's time to inform yourself and those you care about. We will be posting a series of educational posts to raise awareness and encourage self-examination. Early diagnosis makes a difference! #mouthcancer #bluelips #holisticdentist #oralhealth