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Excited about tomorrow. I get to light up your time line with images from last night’s baptism with @thamystics @neonzinn @waasgallery @pvssypowerhouse .🔮🔮🔮

Saturdays Happen. Then it’s Sunday. While it’s still Saturday come and Baptize yourself in @thamystics and wearable art collaboration from @neonzinn . @waasgallery @pvssypowerhouse Performance times 8pm and 9:30

I be working late sometimes. @hairstorydallas got me hooked. ❤️ @mattiemichellecolor @me.

I know one thang. I’m this muuuffffuuugggiiinnn light. Y’all are to! 💡 @thamystics collaboration with @neonzinn @waasgallery @pvssypowerhouse is BALANCED. 8pm and 9:30pm performances

We’re shaking the ground on this one! No ONE will be alive to tell you about it! Conspiring with @neonzinn @sethdamm @pvssypowerhouse @waasgallery 🔮🔮🔮#dyingtoself #dyingtofear #livingaswholeness

This whole picture will be at @waasgallery this coming Saturday for @pvssypowerhouse . Unbound. Our collaboration with @neonzinn and @sethdamm will be undeniably one of the highlights of our existence thus far. 8PM and 9:30PM @thamystics

Wings fly so that the feet can rest on clouds crowns. The mind’s eye wonders so that the finger tips can be free from gripping. @hk_ultra_harem will be live this Saturday night performing a special solo set. I can’t wait to see the Oracle. You could come to. 🔮 @waasgallery @pvssypowerhouse

Does everyone have to love living. Does everyone have to love having this body. I don’t know why but today I have a heart full of grace for those who choose not. That as consciousness you may experience life in or out of this body. I will kiss those who choose the body and dream with those who do not. 💮 #freefrombodybondage

Collaboration of a lifetime! @thamystics collab with @neonzinn for a wearable art performance and exhibition. This is Not a Show to Miss. 🔮🔮🔮 @pvssypowerhouse @waasgallery

Venus Never left. She was tucked in. Fancying the idea of movement . She pauses. Whatever will she make of her new relic. @thamystics Baptize @pvssypowerhouse with the water from the words. 11.17 @waasgallery 8pm

The road openers. Elegua and Ganesha. Making the roads clear. Rolling away the stone. Making the crooked places straight. 🔮@thamystics @spiderwebsalon @danssilverleaf 📷 | @theneener

@spiderwebsalon was long time desire of ours. To be amongst our peers and not have to explain anything. We love you. We feel unseparated from you. @danssilverleaf 📷 | @theneener

This is Life. Art. I’d like to do an instillation of this someday. CRASH.

I used to hate life Love death more Carbon monoxide filling the body Hydrogen Cyanide seeming conclusions wondering I push for death Defend it everyday Why do i fake like I hate it I put 7,000 real reasons why I don’t into the body Doom drinasha doom drinasha doom drinasha OM Repeat rapidly while rubbing your cigarette stained fingers across sacred Malas. It Burns Will I stop comparing burns. The burn of your death To the burn of mine. No more nicotine. ❣️

That was the toughest thing I’ve ever been thru. What most can’t see is how it almost took me out. I clung tightly to my sanity and searched for myself through the fog. Once I found me I became attached to the spaciousness of Knowing. Never again would I allow myself to be unknown. Now, I listen to me. I take my word for it. I sing looking dead into the eyes of the audience. I remain vulnerable and trusting, open hearted yet sure. Remembering not to rely on get confident quick schemes. This is Real. The Knowing. ❣️

Some said he had those scary eyes, unnerving, somehow seeming to look clear through, capable of seeing the truth – of you. They didn’t stare at you, just sort of found you and held you in an eerie embrace. -Lawless @thamystics tonight @spiderwebsalon @danssilverleaf 10:30 @hk_ultra_harem 📷 | @evanbornes @jordanwhereareyou

We found the Underground Railroad. @Janalog @hk_ultra_harem @threelinksdeepellum

Black Pill. Red Pill. This Saturday @thamystics play @danssilverleaf Who knows? Everything is gonna happen! 🔮 @hk_ultra_harem 📷 | @evanbornesphotography