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This feels normal. Meanwhile. Back in the womb. 🐚

Can’t get these notes outta my head. Trying to make a chord. @thamystics 👽 #lostfiles

Amusement at the highest level! 🖤 Happy Saturday loves.

Picking shit apart. Whilst Putting shit together. The nature of WE. Isn’t that what happens in experience? Look out into it for yourself. The nature of Me. You. We. Person you know? If “we” would only be out of time. “We” would be ourselves. The Unbound. @thamystics 🧲 isle go deep | soon coming y’all like this filter?

We’ve been in Conversation. Creating a World. Watching each other from across the room. Waiting for just the right moment. Thus..... We boomed. 📷 | @lilgatsby ⭕️🌱 #newmusic #jupiterspurse #experimentalsol #sameness #mirrors

Errrbody say they ready for some new music from @thamystics but did y’all REALLY hear CARBON? I don’t know if we need to just keep rolling like that wasn’t some major shit. 🔮 Somebody hit me in my comments below with your interpretation of it. Just checking in with Tha Trybe. 🔮🌀 @nekterjuicebar #newmusic #mysticsofinstagram #kundalini

We ain’t “GOT” to do Shit in this life but realize that we ain’t the ones living it. But moreover, that we’re Life itself. Everythang else is what we ain’t! It’s US, but we ain’t never it. Wholeness. 🔮🌀🌱 #saturdaymantra #kundalini #tune #thamystics #carbon

Why I love Texas? Cause I ain’t got to bag up none of my summer clothes. Plus...none of my winter clothes. #2birds1stone #kundalini 🌀❤️🔮

This new music tho! Got me feeling like the Youniverse. ❤️🔮

Issa Vibe. Caught Matching myself. 🌀🔮🌱From the eye of @evanbornes @evanbornesphotography @thamystics

Wholeness. That’s all. 📷 | @nickolasgaines 🔮🌀🌱

What you expect? I had fingerwaves in the 4th grade. My daddy was out preaching. 🔮

2019 in Numerology is 3. What I gather from this, is that we’re in The year of Wholeness and Realization of the triad. The complete you. The Self. The Whole. No more pieces of you. No more becoming. No more wondering. 2019 will be full of BEING! 🌀❤️🔮 Happy New Year! Wholeness, Fam.

- The six will never be the same. 6🌀Carbon. - @thamystics @hk_ultra_harem @evanbornes @prissperry

Moons. When the Bhagwan sleeps, the Wind Manifests. Venus moves. Jupiter Collects. Shango Beats 🔮🎄🔑 @lockjohnsonsplayground @thamystics

Dabin on em per usual. @thamystics Rainsdrops! 🔮

SHE IS Captured by @leonejuice @pvssypowerhouse @waasgallery @neonzinn

So I’m locking my hair. However, I’m also missing the freedom of a whim. Fast change. Color. Cut. Bleach Especiale. Still So. This time is about rooting, grounding, and not having to touch then grip every fucking thing. we go. Onward to Locks and always staying open to cutting them hoes. 🔮#noattachment #consciouscoordinates