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The Feast: Friday, January 25, 2019 To see this photo is to relive the transcendent power of 100+ Black, radiant, disruptively creative, wimmin artists gathering to declare our collective presence in spaces from which we’re too often missing (for one shitty reason or another 😒). Amidst Mickalene Thomas’ dazzling solo show, I might add! Thanks again to Anique Jordan and the whole team for making this happen. ❤️✊🏾❤️ Would it be too much to try and tag this pic?! 😂 #wearehere #blackwomminartistscollective #thefeast 📸 Ebti Nabag

When a student photog captures your essence 🤪📸👩🏾‍🏫#hotmess #teachersofinstagram #lastmonthofschool #headabovewater

Because I didn’t want to pass on my cold to you, we had a quick visit today. This pic is from Mother’s Day 2018. I love this pic because I think it shows how as I get older I’m starting to look more like you. Mama, I’ll consider myself the richest person on earth if I also become more like you. If I work more like you. Pray more like you. Fight more like you. Laugh more like you. Love more like you. Happy Mother’s Day to my mommy and to all the phenomenal women in my life. ❤️❤️❤️

20-Year-Challenge-Throwback-Thursday-Teacher-Student-Edition #permedhairdidntcare 😂 #1999 #teachersofinstagram #tbt

Laurie Townshend

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Escalators & elevators = nowhere to run🤳🏾🤳🏾🤓🤓 #hotdocs2019 #mycaptivesince2008 ❤️❤️

Laurie Townshend

14 Days 18 Hours Ago

Attending the industry conference at Hotdocs means that you don’t actually get to see many films. The real value is in attending masterclasses and panels, learning and being inspired by phenomenal filmmakers from around the world. And yes- hitting up happy hour to network and celebrate with creators making brilliant work. That’s a wrap on @hotdocs_ 2019. You can still catch some films today and tomorrow. Check the Hotdocs website for deets. #motheringinthemovement #documentaryfilm #womeninfilm #blackwomeninfilm

Laurie Townshend

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The vibe when Hotdocs is underway in Toronto, but you’ve got a doc of your own to make 🎥✊🏾#nofomo #labouroflove #motheringinthemovement #blackwomeninfilm #oyamediagroup #nfb 📸 @sanguinuss

Actual footage of a teacher-filmmaker trying to keep her s*** together as countless moving parts shift and speed around her 😳 Time lapse 🎥 @powysdewhurst #tbt #womeninfilm #blackwomeninfilm #motheringinthemovement

Serving 80s realness since...well, the 80s 🕹😂 Which colour Benetton rugby shirt did you have, green or blue? #springcleanup #valuevillagerun #ithinkillkeepthisone #sundayselfie #vintage #80s #80sfashion #hangontoitlongenoughanditscoolagain !

“If there’s a book (FILM) you really want to read (SEE), but it hasn’t been written (MADE) yet, then you must write (MAKE) it” -Toni Morrison #femalefilmmakerfriday #womeninfilm #documentaryfilm #blackwomeninfilm #motheringinthemovement #paraphrasingtoni #tonimorrison

Back to school this week and talking about stress management. I’m a firm believer that schools need to make emotional health and mental fitness as much (if not more) of a priority as physical fitness. “Meditation is a bicep curl for the mind.” As I learn more about how trainable the mind is, I realize how irresponsible it would be of me to withhold helpful tools and strategies from my students. Thanks to Vickers for putting together this lesson which entailed a snowball fight with our stress balls (anonymously filled out of course), reading them aloud/discussing management and doing a guided meditation 🧘🏾‍♀️🧠 #mindfulness #teachersofinstagram #middleschool #mentalhealth

The ridiculousness of trying to look like you’re casually modelling your #ootd while taking a mirror selfie🤳🏾😂#toomuchtimeonmyhands #notreally #writingdeadlinesloom

...some other things I learned on retreat that may or may not be part of the Buddha’s Dharma 😊 1. If you scrape the pulp of an Empire apple with your teeth, you will reveal the skin to be translucent. 2. The dance of steam coming off hot tea can be the entertaining highlight of one’s day. 3) The expression is “sweet TOOTH” not teeth. Turns out 5 M&Ms is enough to satisfy it. 4a) There is a distinct difference between the sounds coming from a hungry stomach, a digesting stomach, and a stomach/colon preparing for elimination. 4b) And like a yawn, it appears that contagious stomach growling during long sits is a thing (and you get over the embarrassment very quickly!)😕 😂🙏🏾 #offthecushion #vipassanameditation #dharma #easylikesundaymorning

Breaking silence and easing myself off the cushion and back to ‘normal life’. 🙏🏾 I didn’t know what to expect from a week of silence. There were times of agonizing discomfort, to be sure, but that was the case only when my mind was busy doing what minds do: planning, anticipating, rehearsing, worrying... 🙏🏾 I received so many deep teachings. Chief among them, a lesson on self-compassion: the heart-expanding act of taking an easy breath and touching your own cheek. Happy Saturday 😊 #vipassana #silentmeditationretreat #selfcompassion #dharma #offthecushion #metta #insightmeditation #insightmeditationsociety

That time @ava reposted a pic of my wearable ode to badass Black Women Filmmakers and challenged us to not stop at this short list. 🎥 To think that this was 5 years ago and @lenawaithe was a couple years away from winning her Emmy for her Master of None episode. Black-ish was about to air so we hadn’t even gotten to know 9 year-old @marsaimartin yet, and certainly couldn’t have predicted that this wonder child would be executive producing a feature film this year. 🎥 And here in Canada, the last 5 years have been so personally inspiring as far as black women and film are concerned. The Black Women Film Canada! @bwfcanada collective is doing the vital work of supporting and training black women filmmakers as well as celebrating our Canadian heroes in film. Women such as Claire Prieto, Sylvia Hamilton, Frances-Anne Solomon, Sharon Lewis, Jennifer Holeness, Lea Marin, Alison Duke...I feel another T-shirt coming on! #blackwomeninfilm #blackwomenfilm #canadianblackwomen #blackcanadians #femalefilmmakerfriday

Thinking today about grandparents. I remember the surge of deep joy and wonder that ran through me when I learned (in my early 20s) that my paternal grandmother was a pioneer in the fields of writing, acting, directing and producing for theatre and television in Jamaica and Guyana (1950s-70s). Whenever I feel discouraged or overwhelmed by the demands of the creative process, I think about Mitzie’s “grit and spirit of creation”. #blackwomeninfilm #knowfromwhenceyoucame #legacy #lineage #storytellers

Before the Lightbox, TIFF movers and shakers got together on a rooftop in Yorkville. Here’s a 10 year throwback to my days as videographer for @tdottv (with my cherished first love my Panasonic DVX100 🎥❤️) #tbt #tiff2009 #womeninfilm #blackwomeninfilm