I wrote The Railpath Hero in 2011 out of necessity. My hero, Damon Bishop (a composite of my brothers and former students) had been living in me for a long time. He needed to speak. He needed an outlet, an escape- in much the same way real-life survivors of sexual trauma need a release from a cycle of shame and silence. When I allowed Damon to speak through me, he taught me that there is no perfect way to heal. He reminded me that a cry for help can be heard in the silence BETWEEN words. He demonstrated to me that resilience can look like fierce dedication to a goal one minute and straight up indifference the next. Damon continues to teach me after all these years. I imagine him playing in the NHL (crimson laces and all), thinking about starting a family, working out and meditating daily... the only practice that helps him cut through the shame and calm the rage within. I am deeply indebted to all the “Damons” who continue to do the work of healing after trauma...because the healing doesn’t stop with you ❤️✊🏾❤️ * * If you missed seeing Stephan James (Selma, Race, Shots Fired) in 2014 screenings of The Railpath Hero, you’re in luck! Come out to @tiff_net Lightbox (350 King St W in Toronto) on NOV 7 at 7pm. * * The Railpath Hero and Charles Officer’s @canesugar_filmworks Short Hymn, Silent War will precede @stellameghie ‘s Jean of the Joneses as part of TIFF’s Black Star series running Nov 3 thru Dec 22. Celebrating 100 years of Black Film Excellence! Black Star Canada programmed by the brilliant @ellacoopercreates 🎬🎥#blackwomenfilm #tiff #blackstarfilmseries #railpathhero #indiefilm #shortfilm #blackfilm #blackwomeninfilm #blackwomendirectors #directher #womeninfilm #survivors #childprotection #breakthesilence
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