I was overwhelmed with emotion when I bumped into childhood friend, Marcia yesterday at the Black Canadians Summit. As kids growing up in government housing, we spent a lot of time together in each others’ apartments playing games, inventing recipes, being mischievous...in the midst of all of that there were malfunctioning elevators, cockroaches, urine in the stairwell, busted washers/dryers, errant fire alarms, regular police presence. We figured out pretty early on that because safety and comfort were so elusive, we had to invent worlds to which we could escape. In those moments where we played or cooked or ran pranks on neighbours, we found joy. We had a beautiful childhood. All of this came rushing back to me when we embraced for the first time in 30ish years. #instantrecognition #reunion #childhoodfriends #tbt #throwback
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