Refreshingly pure vocals. Consistently. #datenight #danielcaesar #toronto #fivesoldoutshows #livemusic #freudian
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Describe me using one emoji 👇💋 💖 Add my Snapchat 👻 missxttkiss 👻 @missttkissx • • • • • • #tattoo #tattooed #tattooedgirls #tattooedgirl #babeswithtats #tattooedmodel #girlswithtattoos #girlwithtattoos #girlswithsleeves #sleevetattoo #tattooaddict #tattoolife #inkedup #inkedgirls #inkedmagselfie #inkedgirlsdoitbetter #inkaddict #inkedgirl #girlswithink

Друзья, в этом месяце я посмотрела два крутых сериала ИвановЫ ИвАновы, и полицейский с рублевки, я хотела бы спросить, какие ещё прикольные сериалы можно глянуть?)

Can't be friends unless your mind is dirtier than a Starbucks bathroom in time square during frappucino happy hour

What's your favorite muscle to open when stretching??? 😌 #yogabooty #fitness #fitchick #leggings #fitchicks #fitnessgear #fitnessmotivation #yogass #jeggings Song 👉🏽 "To My Bed" by Chris Brown Leggings 👉🏽 @poshsnobleggings

Holy crap I feel AMAZING!💙 & it’s Friday✨ • • • 12 WEEK BDAY BOD CUT UPDATE: today is only day 5 & I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t already feeling leaner, happier, confident, and on top of the world- LIKE SRSLY! • • • What have I been doing different? . Well first off, I’ve written down my goals and I read them every morning bc #selfawareness & #selftalk go a long long way & I wish I’d known that sooner! . 2nd, I am actually hitting my macros perfectly & ENJOYING fun stuff! (Again with the healthy mindset is goal #1) Having a bad relationship with foods & then restricting yourself even more is a NO! & it DOES NOT have to be that way! . 3rd, I am getting in 4-5 days of sprints but not just to see the # on the scale drop, but bc it makes me happy! I love pushing myself to the max every single day & is exactly how i train in the gym. It makes me feel strong af & badass! . 4th, I’ve been following my 8 week cut guide as my training routine & Iit is kicking my ass, hands down the best training routine I’ve created! -and guess whaaaat, it’s also the one i have for sale via the link in my bio so get after it if you’re ready to get in shape for summer & want a challenge 😏- • • • Dieting DOES NOT have to be miserable! DO IT FOR YOU; your health, your confidence, your mindset 💛

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