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Word to the not so wise⌨️”IF your not in the field? then it’s not your business to take someone out of theirs”. If you want the scoreboard to change? Start with your own thinking 💭 and never be afraid to fall because, that’s how you learn to rise. #💯 #youready ??????????? 🧠 ✌🏾

China top actress 2018 Chaoyue Yang #Chinese #Chinastars #Chinesebeauty

Chinese food Braised Dongpo Pork #chineseculture #Dongpo Pork #chinese food

" When you move in silence, your actions speaks for you, and everything else that doesn't matter; don't exist". ~philisophian #perseverance #streetsiswatching #realshit ( there's nothing easy about life, but you do have a choice to make it better) safe holidays!! ⏳⏰🎆🎁🎉🎄🦃