🤑I use to do the bars, late night club scenes then after 🌃hours ..even a few hotels🏨 when I was really young and out there, but as you grow older especially as a man your priorities change as well. (Home to me is where the👮 police don't come unless you have a warrant lol it's my fortress.) "If it won't make cents ,then it don't make sense".💥I'm out here looking to change my situation, not turn it into a dead end outcome ☠🎯 #yadig #realtalk #phillyphilly

Tips for #creativewriting - 📝express what you feel,not what you (think) is there. describe what's happening and how it all relates with you, and the direction you're attempting to go✏. allow the emotions to flow easily from out the fingertips! without using to much added emphasis of the scene itself. (Remember the best image you want to illustrate,should be reasonable to imagine, not difficult to visualize.) Most important: your writings belongs to you. Never feel or have the pressure to timetable your work! Have patience with it, a good write is one that is built with both precision and caution. ☡ ~philisophian. this page shown is an archive of the many topics amongst other's my book will contain covering several area's of the inner psyche! and how it effects our connection with people. ( not yet published)📖 #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #writersnetwork #writersociety

Captioning: " when the world is trapped; engulfed in turmoil I'am the hawk that hovers the heavens and the eyes, that see the tragedy plaguing your Life. do not fear! for the sins of mankind are yours to bare but mines to conquer, so it shall it be. "I'am here to comfort the lost and guide the blind, listen to the sincere, and lift away the burden that pours streams of tear's. Have faith in my father's eternal truth". Amen🙏👀✍️ ~philisophian ✌️#haveagoodnight and a #greatweekend #havefaith #godspromise #eternalove #ibelieve #heavens #jesuscalling #god #secondcoming

" Great opportunities tend to take shape, once you step aside & let go, of the weight that keeps you down under it's own threshold". change is inevitable not impossible. change can happen without your consent,but it is up to you to understand The difference. Each day offers a brand new scenery of endless adventure from the previous; but don't quote me on it, our paths may reveal a whole new spotlight on what sets us apart and the road we travel". ~philisophian📝📖 #weeklyquotes #philisophy #creativewriting #mentalhealth #livelearngrow #quotes #quotestags #memiors #courage #quotestoliveby #mentalnotes ✍️👊👀🗣️👌

Remember something: "It takes a few giant leaps to reach the height of your own path, and one small mishap in your steps, to retrace a broken past". ~philisophian✍️ #progression How many Gates in your time have you opened, that gave the one who walks👣 through, the chance to make it available for others?. the way a person grows environmentally is a #reflection on how you once mirror the image of your predecessor. #learning #phaseone #learningcurve #inspiringquotes #gateway #success #journey2success #lifequotes ✍️🙏👀 9/18/18

Captioning: " Not everyone believes in this apocalyptic phenomenon on that great day of GOD'S final judgement of #mankind will happen. however; it is very important to stand with what you #believe then to sit with the idea of not having nothing to inspire you. what is #religion to you? how does it change the way you see the world and of each other? has it brung you closure towards unanswered questions? Are you a #athiest ? a #satanist ? these questions are more valuable to you're well being then you may realize. Ending: " I never sleep, nor rest upon the needs of mankind,for I'am the Father and Creator of all life. I shall bring back to you what has been destined to bring you eternal deliverance". ✌️🌚🌝~philisophian #godisgood #judgementday #thelordisgood he shall return.

🎵banging this CD for the next whole hour! I miss this era of r&b. #druhill , #dangelo #jodeci #b2k yea🙋I'm still a fan lol watup! #throwbacks #slowjams #omarion #early2000s 🎤📻

"what happens when you turn your back away from #god and start listening to the #devil . Remember something: " no one is invincible or incapable of falling victim to the cold grip! of the evil that plaques this world. you can rise and reach for the Stars, and fall in that very instant in your own #selfmade self destruction". ( "You are your own worst enemy when you think like a loser".) 🤷 Keep in mind: "it's not the size in the fall that weighs you down,but rather the strength in your will to rise and reclaim victory". ~philisophian #godfirst #haveagoodday #godfirst ✌️#staystrong #havefaith

🤷 right lol inspite of the obvious humor we're all guilty of something when you stop and think about it. enough money and temptation would provoke even a priest, to dip over to the dark side of life". #ijs #100 #rootofallevil #trill #realtalk #momoneymoproblems 💯

Dress4success earlier yesterday heading 2 #planetfitness up broad and orgeon! #swp " A good sweat releases the cry of your inner fat person". Don't @ me on that 1 lol 😂 #philly #getit

🤔3things I immediately thought of you when sum1 sent this picture. 2pepperoni's) , a jar of (mayonnaise and 1adult diaper)...put em altogether!! you have arguably one of the worst presidents in the United damn states😂😂🇺🇸 #memes #memes😂 #donaldchump #trump #trumps #donaldtrump #lollapalooza #impeachment #whitehouseblackmarket #whitehouse #nutt #goofballs #lmao

I stand by this firmly. "every hustler knows that in order to rise from out the ashes you must be willing to walk through the flames". it's a challenge every day, and it's also a step closer towards living your best Life. Don't give up!!!! (Dream big, to wake up smarter) #hustlerambition #thinkdifferently #growthmindset 💯

" the stones you cast, could build something monumental🏙️ or detrimental⚠️ to the nature of the one whom it impact's most". Choice is yours. ~philisophian ♈💯 #wordofwisdom #wordstoliveby #divineguidance #spiritualguidance #universalguidance


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Captioning: " every great tribulation in you're life is measured by the sounds in your steps, and the rumble inside your heart. no cloud is without the sun ⛅ and no storm is without the rainbow 🌈. for each different phase delivers a whole new meaning of simplicity and depth. beyond the gloominess of our own lack of faith, is an even greater scenery of such great promise and calling. Will you answer the call?". ~philisophian ✌️ #quotestolivebyforever #live2learn #writersofinstagram #godspurpose @nikia_mack (reflect on this)👈👆 ⛈️🌈⚡


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"Autism is a prenatal viral infection that has been called the "principal non-genetic cause of autism". Prenatal exposure or cytomegalovirus activates the mother's immune system and greatly increases the risk for autism. as you can see 👀it is not contagious or deadly to contract. If you know someone or have come in communicational contact with anyone who has this degenerative birth defect! don't be afraid,🤦 be informed.🙋 #themoreyouknow #autisticawareness #knowledgeable

#2012 #tbt #swphilly 🐂 ♈


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Just walk away with ya dignity lol ain't worth it!! #trill #trillsammy #getreal 💯🤷 #fitbitcharge2

In Norristown visiting family. I can't til fall get around.Hot hot,hot out here!! Stay cool. #chilling #philly ✋✌️