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Ladies & Gentlemen, this is @brewdogofficial at it’s best! Why did they change the recipe? This is Tokyo and is exactly what an aged imperial stout should taste like! Thick, creamy with a little carbonation. Lots of dates, figs, chocolate and that aged dessert wine taste. A hint of warmth from the alcohol (after all its 18.2%) Just stunning! I think I’ll wait a couple more years before opening the next one. Please brew this recipe again!

Blind tasting with UWS tonight. The Bowmore and Bunnahabhain was the winners for me. Amazing drams! Thanks to @vinomalt @djbloomingdale @mrmalmstone @torsdagsdramduellen 😊

So I had a 2017 barrel aged Old Ruffian from @greatdividebrew last night... crazy smooth with lots of toffee and fruity flavors accompanying the whisky barrels. Great stuff!

Yesterdays sundaystout. So happens it’s Tuesday from @thebruery Tastes amazing! Lots of bourbon, just like I like it. A little to thin mouthfeel but still 4.5/5.

Backwoods bastard 2016 from @foundersbrewing has aged really well. A bit sweeter than I remembered but tastes really really good. Lots of bourbon notes in this one!

This amazing bottle doesn’t need much of an introduction😉 @gooseisland Bourbon county brand stout from 2017. Lots of bourbon barrel influence, just the way I like my imperial stout!

Found this forgotten 2015 Petite Sour Pure Guava in the back of my beer closet. Still crisp with lots of fresh tropical fruit. @crookedstave is a favorite brewery... should drink more from them!

Excellent raspberry sour from @brekeriet in the evening sun yesterday. Best beer from Brekeriet I’ve had in a while.

Been looking forward to buying more beers from @fw_barrelworks and we finally got to buy these at the Swedish monopoly and cheaper than at the brewery! This is the first one I opened and I was not disappointed. Happy I got a couple more 😊

This is one of my favorite beers of all time. Sadly my last bottle. Hopefully I can get a hold of more bottles sometime... if they even brew it anymore? It’s a collab between @fallenbrewing and @brewdogglasgow It’s got loads of raspberry and licorice and is a thick and dark imperial stout. Probably the best non barrel aged imperial stout I’ve ever had.

Parabola 2016 from @firestonewalker is on fire! Thick, chocolatey with loads of Bourbon. I want more!

Amazing amazing amazing. The only thing it lacked was a bit more carbonation. ...this is Dos of hazard by @atgbrewery & @cyclebrewing , a stunning, well balanced barrel aged imperial stout bursting with flavor!

@wylam_brewery does it again. Attracting Humans! I love the pale ales and IPAs that comes out of this brewery! Amazing fruity 5.5% DDH Pale Ale.

Can’t complain about nothing when drinking this... One of my absolute favorite beers. @gooseisland Bourbon county brand stout 2016.

This is hands down one of the best beers of any kind ever brewed. @lostabbey - Angels Share aged on Bourbon Barrels. I’ve had this many times and I never get disappointed! 5/5.

This is Samischlaus Barrique brewed by @brauereischlosseggenberg in Austria. Basically a wine barrel aged lager clocking in at a hefty 16%! I’m not that fond of the “Classic” version but this beer spent almost 4 years in wine barrels... and it’s an absolute stunner! Tastes like someone combined port wine and barley wine. Just a hint of alcohol heat pulls the score from 5 to 4,75/5. Amazing stuff! @olkultur

This has aged really good. It has developed champagne like carbonation and well rounded taste with lots of brettanomyces. @stonebrewing

What better to drink in the scorching sun than a Barrel Aged Double Winter Warmer clocking in at 12% 😉Amazing barrel aged beer brewed for a whisky society from the Swedish brewery @oppigardsbryggeri