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Alvarado & Rare Barrel collab... don’t know if I was expecting miracles but this was a kind of strange beer. Hoppy like an Alvarado double IPA but with a sour and juicy twist. 4/5.

Brexodus is a collab between breweries that mostly are know for brewing fantastic IPAs so the expectations were high for this one. Fruity and clean but I feel like it’s missing something to be a great beer. Exodus on the other hand is an amazing record 😊 Brewery: @stigbergetsbryggeri @wylam_brewery @northernmonk @cloudwaterbrew @verdantbrew Beer: Brexodus My Rating: 4/5

As usual with these amazing Old Stock BA releases I wish I had bought more bottles back in the day... this has developed amazingly with notes of dry fruits and butterscotch drenched in whiskey. Brewery: @northcoastbrewingco Beer: Old Stock Ale 2014 BA Wheat Whiskey My Rating: 4.5/5

I’ve had this beer when it was fresh... forgot about the second can and now it’s even better. The alcohol (10,5% 😳) has integrated completely and you can hardly notice it is there. It’s just amazing hop-juice that explodes on your tastebuds. Wow, just wow. Brewery: @otherhalfnyc Beer: Space Hallucinations My Rating: 5/5

It’s only February and I’ve probably already been to the craziest tasting of the year! @beerflight bought and hauled every 2018 release from @therarebarrel to Stockholm, and we got to try them all and some bonus beers. My Top Rare Barrels from the tasting: Brewery: @therarebarrel Beer: Playing for keeps 2017 My Rating: 4.75/5 Brewery: @therarebarrel Beer: Kerfuffle 2018 Beer: Tiki Party 2018 Beer: There Are Rules 2018 Beer: Ensorcelled 2017 Beer: Bourbon BA Ensorcelled 2018 Beer: Guava Happens 2018 My Rating: 4.5/5 Thank you for the opportunity @beerflight !

Our latest Double NEIPA massively dryhopped with Galaxy & Nelson Sauvin. I love that we are finally brewing NEIPAs that actually are worth drinking 😊 Brewery: @hyssbrewing Beer: Cloudy Panda, Nelson Sauvin & Galaxy My Rating: 4.25/5

Yet another magic double IPA from Monkish... Tropical hoppy juice! . Brewery: @monkishbrewing Beer: Bomb Atomically (b2) My Rating: 4.75/5

Celebrating that I got a new job so I had to pick something that I knew was amazing... and this did not disappoint. Thick roasted chocolate with loads of taste from the whisky barrels! Brewery: @lostabbey Beer: Bat Out Of Hell My Rating: 5/5

The smell that came out of this can when I opened it was just amazing... vanilla juicy fruit. The taste was almost as good 😉 Brewery: @alvaradostreetbrewery Beer: Amigos My Rating: 4.5/5 Thanks for the can @beerflight !

Yet Another fantastic triple IPA, this time from one of my favorite California breweries. Creamy peaches and pineapple. It’s got a slight taste of alcohol in the aftertaste, besides from that it’s a bullseye! Brewery: @alvaradostreetbrewery Beer: One Giant Leap My Rating: 4.75/5 Shoutout and thanks to @beerflight for the can!

This is perfection and one of the best if not the best beer I’ve had so far this year... and 12%?!? Where did they hide that? Gotta love Monkish! Brewery: @monkishbrewing Beer: How about molotovish round 2? I like naming beers with you, but Adriana says no My Rating: 5/5 Lots of love to @thylinho for the can! 😘

Dark, creamy and a little to little whiskey barrels. Don’t get me wrong, this is an amazing beer but the 2015 release ticked all my boxes (5/5). Hopefully this gets even better with a little time hidden away in a dark cool place since i got quite a few 😉 Brewery: @greatdividebrew Beer: Barrel Aged Yeti 2018 My Rating: 4.5/5

One of my favorite recurring beers on the Swedish monopoly. I get a bunch of cans each year but they never last a very long time. This year’s release is really something and tastes even better than usual... I don’t know what they changed but it hits the spot! Brewery: @oskarblues Beer: Ten Fidy BA 2018 My Rating: 4.75/5

Since @lennartsson.hanna doesn’t appreciate beer, we opened this bottle of Pinot from @calerawine to celebrate our 10 year anniversary yesterday. It’s just absolutely stunning and complex. Hopefully @lidbyvin gets some more bottles soon so that we can buy a couple more.

Had a brew day yesterday and killed some really nice bottles. The BCBS Vanilla is probably one of top-10 best beers I’ve ever had. A big thanks to @beerflight for the BCBS bottles! Brewery: @superstitionmeadery Beer: Chocolate Marion My Rating: 4.50/5 Brewery: @crookedstave Beer: Petite Sour Peach My Rating: 4.00/5 Brewery: @wapnogard Beer: Alna My Rating: 4.25/5 Brewery: @gueuzetilquin Beer: Groseille Rouge 17/18 My Rating: 4.25/5 Brewery: @brueryterreux Beer: Tart of Darkness, Black Currants My Rating: 3.75/5 Brewery: @gooseisland Beer: BCBS Vanilla 2018 My Rating: 5.00/5 Brewery: @gooseisland Beer: BCBS Orange 2018 My Rating: 4.50/5 Brewery: @gooseisland Beer: Wheatwhine 2018 My Rating: 5.00/5

Had a blast om New years at @pandakorven & @nadjacjansson Here’s my favorites of what we filled our glasses with 😊 Happy New Year! Brewery: @gooseisland Beer: Halia 2015 My Rating: 4.25/5 Brewery: @birrabaladin Beer: XYAUYU ORO Riseva 2014 My Rating: 4.00/5 Brewery: @crookedstave Beer: Salvador Sybies My Rating: 4.00/5 Brewery: @hetanker Beer: Cuvee van de Keizer - Blauw 2013 My Rating: 4.00/5 Brewery: @gueuzetilquin Beer: Oude Pinot Gris (2017-2018) My Rating: 4.50/5 Brewery: @gueuzetilquin Beer: Oude Pinot Noir (2017-2018) My Rating: 4.00/5 Dustillery: @bruichladdich Whisky: Private Reserve Swedish Edition 12yo My Rating: 87/100

Thick, salty, chocolate & liqourice. This one is much better than the Dog B I had a couple of days ago. Would drink this now, not age it any further. Brewery: @brewdogofficial Beer: Dog C My Rating: 4.25/5

Sour, a little vinegar, a truckload of raspberries! Refreshing and tasty! Brewery: @gooseisland Beer: Lolita My Rating: 4.5/5