Cuentas con poco tiempo? En @icapelli2005 tu tiempo nos importa y siempre quedar谩s bella.. Tintura en tono marr贸n.. 馃拋 Realizado por Daniel Bustillos @makeupsdaniels . . #icapellisantiago #tintura #icapellisantiago #icapellisalon #tonosmarrones #primavera
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. 馃尶饾悩饾悗饾悢 饾悁饾悜饾悇 饾悁 饾悓饾悁饾悓饾悓饾悁饾悑馃尶 . Mammals are known to lick and clean their young immediately upon birth. This is done for a few reasons: 馃崈to remove the scent of birth to ward off predators 馃崈to consume all the nutrients of the afterbirth 馃崈to begin the socializing of the newborn 馃崈to ingest any bacteria that can signal mommy鈥檚 breastmilk to pass on antibodies to baby through her breastmilk 馃崈to bond with baby 馃崈to stimulate the baby to transition to life outside the womb . Mammals still lick their newborns and eat the afterbirth. Except for most humans. But humans at one point in time used to exhibit all of these same behaviors. We have evolved since then and do not feel the need anymore to keep predators away, we stimulate baby in other forms and have other ways to do all the things we once worried about that triggered us to lick our babies so instinctively. 2 cultures today can still be seen licking their newborns, the Tibetans and Inuit. . Most of us have the urge to lick but resist the urge to do it and we have evolved our licking instinct into smelling our babies, kissing them vigorously, holding them close and we have returned to consuming our placentas. 馃憟馃徎all this also sends your body signals on what anti-bodies to send your baby through breastmilk, it stimulates your baby, bonds and socializes him. . But some mothers still have the strong urge to lick their newborns. And they do just that. A physiological necessity. A calling from ancestors. Instinctual acts of love and ensuring the survival of young. . PhotoCred: @senhoritasfotografia

Model @livay_d_punk Photographer @albagestiphoto Makeup @mirnarzoombie

Summertime bliss at PARADISO Summerfest 鉁 #TFTxHelloBaliPARADISO @thefthingworld @hellobali.id聽@misteraladin @koasurferhotel @cabinabali

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