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✨Welcome to Nikkō!!✨I had a great day here today but it was super cold! (I wore a jacket all day, just took it off for this pic lol). Nikkō is in the mountains 🏔 so it was extra cold ❄️ still had a great day though it’s sooo beautiful here 💕💗

Went to the Amateras secret party at @1oaktokyo with @curlyalmira yesterday! We had a great time, thank you! ✨ #amateras #amaterasjapan @amaterasjapan

This was like the best day of my life! Everyone who knows me know that there’s nothing I love more than owls! 🦉❤️ but I also feel sad for them because they should be wild in the forest 🌳 still seeing them up close was the best thing ever💕🦉❤️💕💗

I really love this outfit! And I’m glad it’s warm enough for me to wear it! It would never work in Sweden this time of year #hmoschino #hmxmoschino

Moshi moshi? People always stare at me when I’m using my phone🐻📱😂 #hmxmoschino #hmoschino

Only the best for my phone case! 😂❄️🐻

I’ve been in Tokyo for how long? but never been at Tokyo station before lol 🏯

Walking in my winter wonderland ❄️ (well I guess it’s still autumn here... )

I’m back! 🎌

I guess fall is over 🍁 and winter starts now ❄️ It’s getting so cold 😞

Miss you~~🌺 from spending everyday together to not see you for months is sad 😢


Ooki also needed some Moschino 🐶💕 #hmoschino #hmxmoschino

I love walking around in Stockholm and discover beauty 💐

Everyone tells me that my phone case is too big... it might not fit in a pocket but it’s too cute to put in a pocket anyway, so... 🐻💖 #hmxmoschino

🎀「This is not a Moschino toy」🎀 📸 @swedenszn

It’s been foggy and raining for like a week now 😭😭

From shopping to crew~~ (don’t worry didn’t take this pic during working hours 😉)