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I miss to just walk around in Omotesando with my friends. Probably the place in Tokyo I spent most of my time, somehow you always end up there haha 😆

💎I'm gonna swing from the chandelier~~ I'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't exist💎

We got two more days of summer☀️but they said that autumn will start for real tomorrow, so time to bring out our coats 🧥 ?

Arrived at the station 40minutes before our train left because I was scared to miss it 🤦🏼‍♀️ So this is my “What are we going to do for 40minutes?” Look 😆

And this is why I need a hair straightener in my life 👩🏼 Because sometimes I wake up to crazy hair like this 🙈🤷🏼‍♀️

I already miss my friends in Tokyo so much specially since (literally) all my friends in Stockholm moved to different cities 😭 what am I even doing here? Anyway if someone are/live in Stockholm hit me up lol 😁




Sitting in the tower of my castle, waiting for my prince🤴🏻.... sadly he is on the other side of the earth atm 🌏lol And my baby cousin clearly told everyone (after I took this picture📸) that we aren’t allowed to sit by the window, cuz we might fall down. Thanx for the concern ❤️😂


I miss Tokyo so much, haven’t been gone for that long though but I’m afraid it might be~~ 🗼

Without my extensions 👩🏼 My hair is too short and thin 😭😭 well I guess we all have something we don’t like about ourself~~ ⭐️ #thatwasdeep😂

Windy~~ 🌪

When the lake looked like another universe 🌅