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Praesto Pluto 1996♪ fashion♡

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My two! 💗

The best vacations are the ones you can bring your puppy on! 🐶 well I guess she actually isn’t a puppy anymore because she is soon 4... but she will always be my puppy 💗

Me, mom and Ooki gracefully watching the sea 🌊 well I actually don’t know what Ooki is looking at, probably a bug 🐜 or something 😂

I think I got a small obsession with doors when I went to Spain... 🚪


Pretending to be in Greece 🇬🇷 while in Spain 🇪🇸 😂😂😉

I missed the pool today! It was so hot in Sweden 🇸🇪☀️


Sorry Justin, we both fell asleep 😴😂

When you wake up first! So you get the whole street for yourself! 💕(Almost🤫)