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Via @thisisinsiderhome: These space-saving lofts combine home and office. 🙌 #scienceinsider

@dermaclip_us is a needle-less alternative to stitches. 💉 #scienceinsider

Via @thisisinsider: This machine stamps designs with ease. 😻 #scienceinsider

Via @thisisinsiderfitness: This orphanage provides refuge for baby elephants. 🐘 #scienceinsider

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These animals look like they’re straight out of a science fiction movie. 😱 #scienceinsider

This discreet device could stop period pain in its tracks. 😮 #scienceinsider

Via @techinsider: The Sandmaster can fill up to 250 bags of sand per hour. ⏳ #scienceinsider

This is how venom is extracted from snakes to make antivenom. 🐍 #scienceinsider

This robot unfolds inside of you. 🤖 #scienceinsider

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