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Since my baby daddy wanna keep texting me b.s .. since you claim you gone post some pics on your page with my son make sure you tell them who bought the outfit shoes and the hair cut he got in any picture you got of him and make sure you tell them how the feds was about to tear gas my place then they evicted me because of you also tell them how I went to stay with your mom and your mom was charging me rent knowing damn well I only had enough money saved up from dancing to last me till I went back from having your son .. tell them how I fail short cause I was sending you shit thru the mail etc.. if you gone tell it tell the truth.. last but not least tell them how you your wife sent a text message to my son phone down grading me saying I really don’t have a business that’s why I changed his number .. make sure you tell them how you and your wife try to sleep with me but I refuse you every time .. tell them how before you got married you asked me would I be with you and how you ask me to have another child with you.. but you not gone tell that though . Yeah ok and you wonder why the only person I care for from your side of the family is your father he treated my son like a father suppose to! May he Rest In Peace .. to bad you didn’t take after his traits and I know you mad cause I haven’t let you known in like 6 years where I stay and you will never know .. yeah I know your kind.. my next husband will for sure make up for all this .. mark my words 😎pic taken at the hospital 11 years ago πŸ’― moral of the story I’ve grown so much since back then the kind of men I attract is much better now.. you know better then you do better.. I’ll never be nobody fool ever again in life .. put that on my son .. age 21 in this picture

This’s pic was taken 11 years ago.. I’m posting this to say it’s always has been the two of us.. If I could go back in time to change somethings it would be the person I layed down and had my son with... I love my baby if I could have the same child by another better man I would do that... in all my sons life of living I am Thee only one that provides for him.. it’s sad when you call your baby daddy and ask him to watch his own son and he tell you you got to pay him.. πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ he told me out of all his baby moms I’m the only one that don’t give him problems and don’t put him on child support but y’all know what? Enough is enough about 8-9 years ago I lost everything when I say everything I lost my house car etc and I called my baby daddy and my mother and asked could one of them keep my son until I get back on my feet.. my baby father made all the excuses in the world of why he couldn’t and my mom wouldnt because I did t have the money as many thousands and thousands I gave and spent on her she would t help neither ... If it wasn’t for me losing everything I would have never created my business which is Picture Perfect Style LLC... One of my major prayers to God was to please help me to help myself to stand on my own two feet! Meaning even if a person walks out my life that it wouldn’t hurt me financially nor physically.. One thing I do know is I’m much wiser now.. yes my husband is on his way and what ever he brings to the table will be just extra for me I don’t think I’ll ever solely rely on a person. When you don’t have yourself together or just depending on a person they treat you like shit... I thank God for blessing me to be strong fearless a go getter and powerful.. I think it’s best I show my baby daddy just how much of a favor I was doing for him by never putting him on child support.. it hit a nerve for him to ask me for money .. I hope he saved up cause here comes that back child support ... tried to ruin my life back in the day all those long hours driving to see you in prison making sure you was good in prison I lost my home because of you and this is the thanks I get... it’s all good cause I’m gone always be blessed 😎 I was 21 on this pic I’m now 32

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