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Ini keliatannya doang romantis. Aslinya... Lagi makan terus ada yg jual bunga. “Fik ndah beliin gue bunga kek” Lalu mereka... “Ngerepotin aja sih lo! Yaudah patungan.” Dan mereka patungan dong...7000-7000... Gapapa tetep sayang...


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the mirror of the soul is the 👀 🌹

תייגו חברים ‼️ תעקבו אחריי { @mazalot_israel } לעוד הורוסקופים 💙

Who else loves these @jjmalibu short shorts? 😏

From @hellolittle.theresa.erin: “Working on photographing our new fabrics for Hello Little Props....and had the best day ever.” #catsofinstagram

Koja Vitez

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La vida es muy corta para andar dudando 🏖🏖

📷 and I’m a christian



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🌹💐 I love flowers