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CLIENT💇🏾 Ladies I am completely book for the 3 CITY TOUR (JACKSONVILLE, ATLANTA and ORLANDO)! Thank you all for all the support❤️😘 and for all the clients that was interested in booking for the tour and wasn’t able to due to the spots being filled quickly I do apologize. I will soon be returning and will definitely keep you guys updated for the next tour. Please be advised that I am now excepting appointments for the months of MAY, JUNE & JULY. There are only 5 spots open for the month of APRIL. February and March are now booked. Thank you for Choosing HairByRITZ. (305)833-9911 TEXT ONLY #hairbyritz

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⭐МЕГА-КОНКУРС С МЕГА-ПРИЗОМ! ⭐ 🎁Приз: прогулочная коляска Nuovita Giro 📅Срок проведения: 21 февраля – 01 марта 2018 🚩Условия: ✔️Подписаться на профиль @nuovita если еще не подписан ✔️Поставить лайк этому посту ✔️ Оставить комментарий под этим постом со слово "ХОЧУ" и отметить в комментарии друга 👆чем больше комментариев с отметками разных друзей, тем больше шансов выиграть коляску 🎉Итоги конкурса: 01 марта в профиле @nuovita pintaram__pintaram__pintaram_____ #giveaway #розыгрыш #гивэвэй #mamingorodok  #mamingiveaway #розыгрыш  #конкурс  #мамингородок #конкурсдлямам  #конкурсыдлямам #конкурсдлямамочек #тамгдеживетлюбовь  #noordi #bebeluvicci  #kidboo  #feretti  #altabebe #nuovita  #simplicity  #navington  #noony #инстамама #инстадети  #детиэтосчастье #длядетей  #ямама  #товарыдлядетей

Remember Dave the blue fronted Amazon parrot I rescued? He’s such a cheeky chappy! Dave was kept for the first 8 years of his life in a really tiny budgie cage, totally unable to open his wings. He was poked at with sticks in his eyes and was fed nothing but potato chips. He had no toys and was scared of EVERYTHING! Dave has been with me now for just over two years and as you can see he is an absolute darling. He eats a fantastically healthy diet and loves his toys. Unfortunately he doesn’t cope well outside in the aviary with the other parrots because he finds the open space too intimidating. He’s cage institutionalised. But he has a big cage inside with proper lighting and the cage is always open so he can play as he pleases. Dave also has a chronic sinus issue as a result from the stick poking abuse he endured....but we manage his flare ups well. He is very affectionate but only likes to be touched on his terms. I think that’s pretty reasonable don’t you? Dave is just one of the hundreds of rescue cases I’ve taken on here at Kingfisher Wildlife & Exotics Sanctuary. Any donations or amazon wishlist purchases for the animals can be made by finding the post in my stories and highlights. 💚💚💚💚

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