✨Tantra and the lower chakras✨ In Tantra one of the main practices is to bring the energy from the lower chakras up into the higher ones. First into the heart, where the energy will shift perspective and show you new ways to deal with what comes up, or ways you acted in the past. There you can understand with your heart what needs to be changed or released because there is something better for you. We speak of the 3 lower chakras and those energies: 1. Root - fear 2. Sexus - guilt 3. Solarplexus - shame ✨ I would like to talk about the first one. Now fear has a large range and also fear sometimes is very useful because it can show you the wrong way. So what is meat by that? Well we have beside the fear that can be a compass, a lot of others internalized fears. Fear of abandonment Fear of making yourself ridiculous Fear of feelings All kinds of Irrational fears Fear of others Fear of limits and limitlessness Fear of love Fear of hate Fear of money Fear of scarcity Fear of loneliness Fear of animals, plant, birds, ... Etc. The list can be infinite and very creative! Strongest fears can be the ones we connect to our persona. Fear of yourself Or fear to show up Fear to be yourself Well I know no one wants to listen to that Radiostation! ☺️ But : There is an amazing thing that happens the moment you take a little time of your busy life and at least you do a list of all that comes to your mind and you are fearful of. Next post I’ll talk about 3 things you can do, to actively reduce fear and start to feel better. And also in Buddhism they believe fear is a door, or a Damon, which is guarding a treasure. Don’t you want to find your treasures? It’s time ❤️ ✨🙏🏻
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