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A spectacular moonbow over Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland with the Northern Lights gracing the sky above! 🌈 ✨ - Moonbows or lunar rainbows are a rare natural atmospheric phenomena that occur when the moon’s light is reflected and refracted off water droplets in the air 🌙 They are similar to rainbows but they are created by the moonlight instead of direct sunlight. - Although they are rare, they do tend to occur more frequently in certain locations. These locations usually have waterfalls that generate layers of mist in the air, meaning that Gullfoss is the perfect place to spot one! 💦 In addition, the sky must be very dark and the moon must be very bright and low in the sky 🌔 - Have you ever seen a moonbow? Where did you see it? Leave a comment below! ☃️ - #iceland #guidetoiceland #mystopover

It is currently autumn in Iceland and the landscape is well and truly alive with the beautiful colours of fall! 🍂 - During autumn, the sun sets earlier and the nights begin to get darker. Little by little, the leaves get crisp and start to change colours 🍁 Along with it, the weather starts to get a little cooler. As the nights get longer, the Northern Lights become visible again ✨ - One of my favourite things to do during autumn is to head out into the countryside, where you can watch the sheep being rounded up before the onset of winter 🐏 The afternoon light makes the scenery absolutely stunning and the sunsets are glorious, bathing the vegetation in wonderful earthy hues. - Is Iceland on your bucket list of places to travel? Which season would you visit in and why? Leave a comment below! 🇮🇸😀 - #iceland #guidetoiceland #mystopover

Kirkjufell is one of the most beautiful landmarks in all of Iceland and is said to be the most photographed of all! 📸 - Standing at 463 metres above sea level, this incredible mountain is a stunning focal point on the Snæfellsnes peninsula near the town of Grundarfjörður. It has a lovely walking trail all around it and you can even climb up to the top, where you may find yourself unearthing a fossil or two 😯 - Kirkjufell is particularly photogenic throughout the autumn months in Iceland, when the foliage surrounding the mountain takes on warm and earthy hues. However, it’s just as magical with the Northern Lights dancing overhead or the passionate colours of sunset sweeping across the sky! 🤩 - The most common angle to photograph Kirkjufell is from its base, where you will find the Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall. This very special waterfall channels the glacial melt water of the Snæfellsnes mountains ⛰ Would you like to visit Kirkjufell for yourself? Leave a comment below! - #iceland #guidetoiceland #mystopover

The aurora borealis has been making quite a show in Iceland over the past few nights! 🌟 - Otherwise known as the ‘Northern Lights’, this vivid phenomenon is a demonstration of the Earth's magnetic field interacting with charged particles from the sun 🌏☀️ - The Northern Lights can range from relatively dim to very strong, depending on the amount of solar activity in the sky. Camera sensors are more sensitive to them than the human eye, so with a long exposure setting and a clear dark sky, you’ll be able to take some amazing shots! 📸🤩 - Have you ever wanted to see the Northern Lights in Iceland? Tag a friend who would love to come with you! - #iceland #guidetoiceland #mystopover

A foggy, wintery morning in the southernmost fishing village of Vík in Iceland 🇮🇸 - There are so many photographic opportunities for landscape photographers in Vík, from the beautiful black sand beach at Reynisfjara to the towering cliffs of Dyrhólaey 📸 - Did you know that the black sand all around Vík originated from the basalt lava of volcanic eruptions? 🌋 It’s one of my favourite places for photography in winter, as the endless fog, penetrating winds and incredible landscapes make for a magical atmosphere. - Have you ever wanted to see the south coast of Iceland? Where would you go? Leave a comment below! - #iceland #guidetoiceland #mystopover

Dettifoss is a thundering waterfall in the beautiful Vatnajökull National Park of Northeast Iceland. It is reputed to be the most powerful waterfall in all of Europe! 🤩 - The flow of water from Dettifoss is so strong that it makes the surrounding rocks vibrate. The sheer force of the water flow creates a continuous water spray, which means that rainbows often appear! 🌈 - The name Dettifoss can be loosely translated from Icelandic as ‘The Collapsing Waterfall’. Plunging from a height of 45 metres, this waterfall is almost as tall as the Statue of Liberty! 🗽 - What is the biggest waterfall that you’ve ever seen? 💦 Leave a comment below! - #iceland #guidetoiceland #mystopover

Winter in Iceland can only mean one very exciting thing... finding and photographing ice caves! 🤩 - Standing inside an ice cave is such an incredible feeling. It’s like descending into the depths of the frozen Earth 🌏 When you see the light shining through the dark blue ice, it’s a very humbling experience! - Did you know that Iceland's ice caves are formed by meltwater flows and other geothermal activity? That’s why we call this the Land of Fire and Ice! 🔥❄️ - Have you ever wanted to see or photograph an ice cave? Leave a comment below ⛄️ - #iceland #guidetoiceland #mystopover

Kirkjufell is undoubtedly the king of the north west! 👑 This majestic mountain on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula in Iceland may be small, standing at just 463 metres high, but it is completely unique and mesmerising. - Looking out over the fishing village of Grundarfjörður, this beautiful mountain is one of the most photogenic places in Iceland ⛰ I love it photographing it during the warm summer months when it is bathed in the fiery hues caused by the Midnight Sun. However, it’s just as epic when seen beneath the Northern Lights! - Did you know that Kirkjufell was one of the filming locations in the popular TV series ‘Game of Thrones’? 📺 Another interesting fact is that the mountain consists of a series of layers. At the bottom, there are sediments containing fossils, whereas the upper part of the mountain consists of layers of lava. - Would you like to photograph Kirkjufell for yourself? 📸 What time of year would be your ideal time to see it? Leave a comment below! - #iceland #guidetoiceland #mystopover

Have you ever tried to photograph a reflection of the Northern Lights? 🤩 I love photographing reflections because it’s a great method for elevating your landscape photography from mundane to stunning. They can also help to make your photos a bit more dynamic by creating another dimension of depth. - Clouds can really enhance a reflection by adding an incredible level of drama when they are lit up by warm and fiery hues, particularly at the beginning or the end of the day. However, nothing beats capturing a reflection of the Northern Lights because you get all the excitement of seeing it in the first place, let alone reflected in the water! 🌟 - My biggest piece of advice when photographing reflections is to make sure that the rest of the composition is balanced, in addition to the reflection itself. There’s nothing more striking than a well-balanced composition with the flare of symmetry from a reflection 📷 Leave a comment below if photographing reflections is something you’ve tried! - #iceland #guidetoiceland #mystopover

Lómagnúpur is a place you might miss if you don’t know where to look, even though it is situated on a busy road 😁 These 688m high palisades are located in the south of Iceland and are actually featured in Iceland’s coat of arms 🛡 - This subglacial mound is known in Icelandic as the ‘Járngrímur, the Giant of the South’. There is an old saga that describes the giant protecting the southcoast of Iceland from all the evil that might come to land in the area 🇮🇸⚔️ - The mountain is particularly photogenic, with small ponds at its base surrounded by rocks and mossy vegetation ⛰ On a beautiful calm day, you’ll be able to capture a reflection of it from the bottom. If there is any ice about during winter, then you’ll be all set for the perfect foreground 📷 - Although it would be a great conquest, nobody has ever succeeded in climbing Lómagnúpur due to its steep face. Have you ever tried to climb a mountain that you’ve photographed? How did it go? Leave a comment below! 😃 - #iceland #guidetoiceland #mystopover

These are the incredible Lóndrangar rock pinnacles in Iceland, reaching out towards the sunset on the horizon! 🌅 - There are many legends about the pillars. Some Icelanders believe that one of them is a church for pixies and the other is their library! ⛪📚 According to another legend, these sea stacks are actually trolls, a king and his lover, who once walked together to the edge of the sea and froze when the sun came up 💙 - Situated on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, these majestic sea stacks are surrounded by rough lava covered with green soft moss. The nearby cliffs are high and steep, with the wild waves of the ocean smashing on the rocks down below 🌊 It’s the perfect place for landscape photography because it allows you to capture all of the amazing elements that make up the coast of Iceland 📷 - Do you like seascape photography? What do you like most about it? Leave a comment below! 😃 - #iceland #guidetoiceland #mystopover

Have you ever seen the Northern Lights? Sometimes referred to as the ‘Aurora’, these beautiful streaks of colour in the night sky can be seen in all around the Arctic and Antarctic 💫 Here in Iceland, we see them from around the middle of August until March, when the nights are dark! - Since the beginning of time, people have told stories and legends to explain this natural but mysterious occurrence 🌟 The Vikings thought that the Northern Lights were caused by the shining weaponry of immortal warriors ⚔️ In actual fact, they’re caused by electrons from solar winds that are attracted to the poles of the Earth. Once the electrons enter our atmosphere, they mix with gases, causing them to glow typically green, purple, red or blue 💚💜❤️💙 - Would you like to see the Northern Lights? Where would you like to see them? Leave a comment below! 😃 - #iceland #guidetoiceland #mystopover