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First abstract in new studio. #abstractpainting

Park Mews

Working from images of Dads early work, this is a house I spent a lot of at in my childhood. The Sotiri House 1970#rogerwalker

Thanks UTAS for 6 months use of this beautiful studio. Its always wonderful to have the opportunity for a fresh start!

I made 4 different paintings for this frame over a two year period but in the end white paint just worked best.

Packing up and moving, 5 years of smushing paint around in here, the box is almost empty.


Two new works @ivan_anthony_gallery

New work @ivan_anthony_gallery opening Wednesday evening

What I now believe to be my best work from 2011

Another from 2011

I’ve been working on this for 9 years.

Reworking piece from 2017, sometimes more is more.