Asian stir fry: this is my go to meal. 2 palm size portions of protein (your choice) 2 fists of veggies (3-4 when not eating carbohydrates) 2 cupped hands carbohydrates (only on Sundays and post workout 2 thumb size portions of fats (3 when not eating carbohydrates) (Men get 2 of each portions, women get 1 portion of each) Franks hot sauce (zero calories low processed) The reasons this works for health and weight loss is: First, hands are portable. They come with you to work lunches, restaurants, social gatherings, etc. Second, hands are scaled to the individual. Bigger people need more food, and tend to have bigger hands, therefore getting larger portions. Smaller people need less food, and tend to have smaller hands, therefore getting smaller portions. Third, it provides reasonable amounts of nutrient dense foods and their specific macronutrients (thus preventing deficiencies). It will help you meet your protein, vegetable, carb, fat, and calorie needs without having to count a gram or weigh a food. If you’re active and eat 4 meals a day.
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