Lo Miao and her husband and two sons, members of the Black Hmong tribe they live in the mountains in Sapa. She is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. She knows the mountains so well, all the plants and their remedies, steps tread and all the stories that go with them. We were lucky enough to spend two days hiking in the Sapa mountains with her. #hmong #sapamountains #freedom #trekkingvietnam #hike #sapa #travelvietnam #documentaryphotography #portrait #family #sapasisters #feminist #mountainlife #ricefields
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Vivi Galinari
2018-01-17 14:45:58

@jennyboatdraws yes please! Thank you so much. Going to Hanoi, sapa, halong bay... and all of this you’re doing! Thanks x

Jenny Boat
2018-01-17 14:19:06

@viv_galinari hey awesome! I’ll message you some tips tomorrow. :-) x

Vivi Galinari
2018-01-17 14:15:15

Wow this looks awesome! I’m going to south east Asia (vietnam included) in two weeks! Would LOVE some tips ☺️😘