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A Design-House for Storytelling • Illustration • Writing • Editing. NEWEST RELEASE: SUNNY DAYS | A PICTURE BOOK ABOUT JOY

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📦 SHIPPING TODAY! . . . 🙏🏾 to everyone for your kind support. We sold out in 10 days. 🎉 . . . The second round of books has just finished printing and will go out this upcoming week! 🤯 . . . If you pre-ordered, your first copy will be in the mail today & you’ll receive your tracking number! . . . Thanks again for your willingness to give our art a try 😊

🎥 NEW VIDEO SERIES! 12 sections x 5-minute videos = 1 Hour of Visual Examples, Guided Walkthroughs, and Simple Explainers. . . . Not to mention a comprehensive contact sheet of children’s book publishers and agents! . . . I believe access to storytelling resources should be for everyone! Let’s eliminate the information gap and help people with ideas get their stories read!

FRESH PRINTS!! 🎃Yesterday we approved the first edition prints of our story, Real Jungle Tales, and we’re so JUICED to share this picture book with all of you. ✍🏾🎨 . . . A good deal of the first edition prints are already purchased, a sincere thank you to everyone who’s preordered and the DC & NY school systems! . . . If you’d like to check out Zee’s story and the mischief she gets into, you can buy a copy for $15 (i.e., less than an order of fettuccini at Olive Garden) by tapping the link in or bio. . . . Thank you 🙌🏾 #picturebooks #picturebookoftheday #picturebookart #illustratorsoninstagram #kidsbookshelf #jessebcreative #booksforkids #storiesforkids #kidlit #childrensliterature #stories #illustration #thankyou #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig

We're trying a new layout for the next episode of Monsters Are Real. This is the first draft. Would you let us know what you think and what you think could be improved? Things to consider: - How easily you feel you can read the text on the page - Layout - Visual Engagement (we want spreads to be visually attractive but not confusing/unnecessarily busy) Context: MONSTERS ARE REAL is a free, illustrated mini-series I produce to offer fun, engaging and accessible reading materials to children. I've been VERY LUCKY to partner with the powerfully-gifted Emily Walker (@emilywalkerillustration) in this episode who has created all of the amazing visuals for the story. This is episode 2. Download Episode One for free on our website:

NEW HALLOWEEN CHILDREN’S BOOK BY AUTHOR OF COLOR! 👧🏾👦🏾🎃📚 ! . STORY: Zara Harrera Lago is a brilliant trickster who finds a hilarious way to get back the Halloween candy she’s been 'cheated' out of. 🎃 . . 🎨ART: Pictures painted by the stunningly talented Andressa Meissner @andressameissner 🎨 . . AGES: 4-8 👧🏾👦🏾 . . PRICE: $15 💰

Blended 🐘 🦁 🐶 🧠 | @les.creatonautes

Martine Hiking a Greek Volcano! (on my back, of course, because she be workin’ me). #volcanoes #greece #santorini #hiking #sunnydays #jessebcreative #sunshine

It’s rare that any commissioned art within a Subway has held my attention, but Birgit Palma’s work for the Madrid Metro made me pause a few times as I scrolled through her poster-sized prints. What do you think? 🇪🇸 #illustration #prints #madrid #metro | @birgitpalma

🇬🇷 Pt. 2 | Martine Trips to Greece! ☀️

Martine Travels to Greece 🇬🇷

Harrison meets Martine! Thank you @lyndseycarphin for taking the time to read this to him! #sunnydays #availableonamazon

Blessed to have a platform to share my 🔥 for representation in Children’s literature! The Full 24-minute interview will be shared once it’s edited! #thankyou #childrensbooks #representation #diversity #storytelling #picturebooks #authors #writing #publishing #grateful

LUCKY to speak with aspiring storytellers about our shared passion! 📖 National Book Club Conference • Atlanta • 2018

Let’s talk about getting YOUR book published! Speaking in T-Minus 75 minutes. #publishing #books #writingyourbook #create #educate #share #information #atlanta

Making Some Friends @ The National Book Club Conference • Atlanta, GA #books #writing #childrensbooks #representation #publishing #artwork #art #illustration #picturebooks #picturebookart #kidsbooks

Our Next Event!! 📖 National Book Club Conference • This Weekend (Friday - Sunday) • Atlanta, GA • Intercontinental Buckhead Hotel #nbcc2018 #speaking #sellingbooks #signing

Artwork from one of the designers we’re lucky to work with on our Fall 2019 project | 🎨 @warhead_day