Simple Dutch braid on Kassidy's hair. #kidshair #dutchbraids #braid #mommyofgirls #easyhairstyles #coloradospringshairstylist #cosmostudent
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@katebacher Thanks lady! Will do. I do my girls hair all the time but forget to post pictures. My goal is to post two a week. ;)

26 Days 3 Hours Ago

Super Cute! 💕 Post up more pics❗

@xavier.r.rodriguez.31 Frenchbraid you braid over and dutch/cornrow you braid under. A Dutch is actually the same as a cornrow you just pick up larger sections of hair. It gives a different look a french is more flat and dutch/cornrow is more off the head. Alot of people struggle doing dutch/cornrow because your braiding everything under and backwards. I'll post a video one of these days. It's easy. I can do up to a 5 strain braid so far.

Dumb question how is that different then a French braid cause it looks the same to me