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you’re welcome for this 💙 ©High Place - bts jimin fansite

hdjskanbdka hello i am alive and here to provide pics of jimin’s lips again ©JamJam - bts jimin fansite

oof sorry for not posting i was busy with school all week and dance 😔 ©owner

so uh apparently jimin has purple hair and BITCH does he look like a fuckin snacc ©Jimin x Some — bts jimin fansite

i literally forgot to post for 2 days oops ©JamJam.kr — bts jimin fansite

wow ive managed to post for 2 days in a row now whew ©Line Up - bts jimin fansite

remember to not stress about anything. all is good and things chill out and get better. take time for yourself and take care of yourself first. if something’s stressing you out remember to just take a deep breath. all is good my dudes ©︎I’m Into You - bts jimin fansite


hey hoes so i go back to school tomorrow meaning my bitchass is gonna be probably gonna post less bc school and im a lazy bitch tbh plus i lost all my jimin pictures bc i changed phones so 🗿 anyway see y’all when i finally pull up with some jimin pics ©Cream Soda - bts jimin fansite

jiwoo: *exists* me: she did it for the gays - but on a side note jiwoo is the reason i could never go full straight ©Peachy Mochi - bts jimin fansite

instagram u bitch LET ME POST anyway chungha had a comeback last night and she really had me questioning my sexuality and stole my weave last night thx queen 😔✊ ©The Luminary - bts jimin fansite

holy moly. i just realized today 1 year ago i decided to re-open this account and actually use it. it’s kinda crazy how fast time passed and what direction this account went in??? i made it 3 years ago but never actually used it and there were so many times where i almost deleted it because i just never seemed to use it, but i’m so glad i didn’t do that. i’ve managed to create so many amazing and great memories through this account this year, and i got to meet people i honestly can’t live without. thank you for creating so many great memories with me this year with this account guys, it’s been great! here’s to making more amazing memories in 2019! 💙💙💙 ©Pieces Of Mind - bts jimin fansite

im still thoroughly convinced that vmin are in love or smth bc do y’all see the way they look into each other’s eyes. like it’s probably not even romantic love but the way tae or jimin look at each other sometimes. like it makes you feel in love but ur bitchass is just a bystander. BUT YOU JUST FEEL THIS STRONG LOVE RADIATE FROM THEM IT MAKES YOU SO SOFT. anyway vmin make me soft and that’s the tea 😔✊ ©︎starlight jimin & sniper jimin - bts jimin fansites

i logged in just to say vmin are soulmates ok bye im logging out again lmao ©︎LiebLich - bts jimin fansite

the day yoongi and jimin finally form the minmin subunit it’s over for my wig ©︎owner

would it be bad if i said i kinda lost my fire for this account or 🗿 ©︎5959 - bts jimin fansite

here’s a thread of jimin sleeping and being cute bc instagram decided to be a BITCH and block my video of jimin being a thot 😔✊ aight hoe i see how it is