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SEASON TWO / EPISODE TWO .. NOW ON FACEBOOK .. #themeetingunderground In this episode, John interviews Dakota Kyle and Tyler Waffle of the Indie Psychedelic/Bluesrock band Floridian Slim. Together they discuss the band's origins, influences and their transplant from southwest Florida to East Nashville, Tennessee. Episode includes an edited together duel performance of the band's first single release "Solar Eclipse". *To view any SEASON TWO EPISODE click on link in my profile page

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15 Days 13 Hours Ago

To the artist .. Stop defending what you do, stop trying to explain what you do, stop apologizing for what you do .. just do what you do. #philosorock

Great time last night working out new material for BDL project #nakedandunashamed .. more to come. #stagecouprecords

SEASON TWO / EPISODE ONE .. NOW ONLINE .. Link to Show in profile .. #themeetingunderground In this Season Two Opener, John Edward LaFave interviews Steve Forrest, former member of "Placebo" and current front-man for "Steve Forrest and the Aok's". They discuss Steve's background, influences and transplant from UK super-stardom to up and coming East Nashville resident rocker. Episode includes solo performance of he and his band's latest single "Rabid Dog". #placebo #steveforrest #nashvillerock

Shout out to new friends Daryl Rogers, Billy, David Sisco, Gregory, Shawn, Randy and Elizabeth .. great time spent with all. Thanks to all staff, residents and guests at Crossroads Cafe .. #roomintheinn #eastnashvillemusic #nashvilleindependentmusic #stagecouprecords

The boys and I will be watching the sun rise at load-in tomorrow morning as we prep for our year-end show at "Clancey's Crossroad Cafe." The AM show is well worth the early hours for the privilege of playing to the residents and guests at Room In The Inn .. Also, we will be presenting a check on behalf of those who donated generously at this year's GIMME SHELTER benefit at The Bowery Vault .. Nice way to begin this special Christmas Holiday weekend! THANKS PEOPLE. #eastnashvillemusic #nashvilleindependentmusic The Mute Group Phantom Farmer Blind Drifter Luke

If you haven't seen this yet .. you really should take the time. On NETFLIX now. #springsteen

CROSSROAD'S CAFE .. FRIDAY. #eastnashvillemusic #nashvilleindependentmusic

BLIND DRIFTER LUKE / NAKED AND UNASHAMED. January. #eastnashvillemusic #stagecouprecords

ENDGAME .. Friday, Dec. 21st. "BRINGING IT ALL HOME" Jonnie G, Myself and Randy (the Drifter) Chandler will be doing a BLIND DRIFTER LUKE year-end acoustic set at Room in the Inn's CROSSROADS CAFE. #eastnashvillemusic #stagecouprecords

@theboweryvault, @themutegroup, @phantomfarmer, friends, fans and guests for making a great night focused on the less fortunate. #eastnashvillemusic

THE MUTE GROUP, PHANTOM FARMER & BLIND DRIFTER LUKE. 8PM. Join us, if you can .. The Event: #eastnashvillemusic #stagecouprecords

BOWERY VAULT (a free show) 2905 Gallatin Pike C Nashville, Tennessee 37216 #eastnashvillemusic #stagecouprecords

I'm really looking forward to the performance of @PhantomFarmer (formally of De Novo Dahl) .. at Friday's GIMME SHELTER Show .. great talent. The Proof: Join us, if you can .. The Event:

In the end of our first year's activity, STAGE COUP RECORDS organized a benefit concert for the homeless as a give-back. After much research, we decided the event would be used to raise awareness and support for the ROOM IN THE INN, here in Nashville, Tennessee (an organization that houses and provides programs to help those less fortunate .. a true hand-up approach.) We named the event GIMME SHELTER .. and soon, a number of gifted musicians and artists joined in to volunteer their time and performances. In the end, we were able to raise money and awareness for the ROOM'S great ongoing work. That Event began a long relationship between us here at SCR and the ROOM. Jonnie LaFave and I (plus some others) have performed nearly 30 shows at their venue CLANCEY'S CROSSROADS CAFE (where program residents and guests are treated to a sit-down coffee-house experience which often includes musical performances) These shows have by far been the most meaningful "gigs" we've been involved with. This Friday, November 30th at 8pm. BLIND DRIFTER LUKE is hosting GIMME SHELTER #2, along with THE MUTE GROUP and PHANTOM FARMER. It is a FREE CONCERT. A hat will be provided for anyone wishing to donate, plus we will have materials available showing ways to support the work of ROOM IN THE INN. Please, join us if you can for a great night of music. Blind Drifter Luke The Mute Group Phantom Farmer #eastnashvillemusic #stagecouprecords THE EVENT: HOW YOU CAN GIVE BACK:

@THE BOWERY VAULT FRIDAY, NOV 30TH. 8PM. (no cover). 2905 C, Gallatin Pike 2nd Floor, Nashville, TN 37216. #eastnashvillemusic  #eastnashvilleartist