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Taking portrait of before I lose the the light. #makeportraits

Not a bad view for the weekend adventure. #offroad

Exploring backroads of BC with @dudelum

Beach day with @tobithebc & @leiathebc_ #doubletrouble

Morning coffee with @kizziecreep #makeportraits

Every moment with @viarailcanada was incredible. Departing from Canada’s largest city, Toronto, to prairies, rockies and Fraser canyon was something that I could never forget. I was never tired of watching how the scenery changed through out the window. #viarail40

One thing I love about traveling with @viarailcanada is meeting new people. There are always so many inspiring people on board such as writers, musicians, actors, painters and more. When I saw @kalbarteski drawing in her room, I was so amazed and inspired by her beautiful artwork. #viarail40

If you had a chance to talk to your dog for 5 mins, what are you going to ask him/her?

When I travel, I like to travel at a slower pace. I have more freedom to enjoy the things and don’t have to rush anything. Also I have time to daydream and to thank every moment as it happens. These are the reasons why I always have a memorable trip with @viarailcanada #viarail40

Exploring BC’s beautiful backroads.

Checking out this old light house on Vancouver Island.

I can’t wait to head back to Tofino and let Tobi free again.