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Ich Feier unsere #weltmeister schon jetzt - Das ist mein Beitrag zur #weltmeisterschaft - Krasser geht’s nicht - Checkt den Clip unzensiert und in voller Länge nur auf (Link in Bio) #dreier #rudelbildung #latte #ausdauer #wm2018 #dasdingmussrein #diemannschaft #zsmmn

#sucideawareness Depression can look like this. Depression can look like something else. Depression doesn’t have a look. It doesn’t have a certain person or consciousness or lifestyle conditions it attaches too. It creeps up on you and before you know it everything seems impossible and black. Depression isn’t something that you can just say chin up to. The sad thing is nobody ever really knows how much anyone else is hurting. We could be standing next to somebody, watching someone on social media who looks together but is completely broken and we’d never know it. I have been blogging a while now, journalising my life online. It started when I became a mother and had deep postnatal depression, which led to a suicide attempt about three years ago. I thought I was alone and did not want anyone else to feel alone, so I shared my story, my ongoing fitness and health and thought journey; in hope I could stop another person feeling paralysed from lack of connection and their thoughts. I continue journalise online because i realised it builds connection, compassion and love what we are all searching for. When we see other souls trying their best imperfectly and owning who they are, it makes it easier for us all to do the same.. It’s interesting to me when people say to me, you are brave to share after I share so much about me personally online. I do not see telling my truths as brave. I just see them as being honest. I see that as respectful to who I am, to my sufferings I have endured, to who my daughter is growing to be and to others, as well as a healing light and aid to my growth as a human. I see being vulnerable an opportunity to learn to find peace for me and connect with others. It is life at its most honest point when we own our truths and it is extremely healing to the world, others and ourselves. Personally, I think it is really what the world needs. Maybe if society didn't teach us all to hide ourselves and stopped making us feel personal stories had so much shame attached, or that we are brave for sharing our truths and instead taught us it was honest and the most human thing we could do. Continued in comments...

You’re a woman, use it; bring every man you meet to his mf knees 💋 Glam @honeybeileen Earrings @balenciaga

HBD to de aller liefste, grappigste, meest inspirerende en wilde paps op de aarde! 53 🤷‍♀️🤯 | mijn val angst is groot hier