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Out here taking a booty pic. Wyd?

I’m starting a fun little series called Satellite Saturday’s 🛰 which will feature epic aerial top downs captured from space. This breathtaking photo of Mount Fuji was created by @dailyoverview. Fuji is an active stratovolcano and, at 12,389 feet (3,776 m), is the tallest peak in Japan. In warmer months, climbing routes make it possible for hundreds of thousands of people to scale the volcano. Follow @dailyoverview to see more photos like this! Source imagery: @digitalglobe

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Я буквально в истерике 😂 Альман? Давай посчитаем сколько раз @artur_kokhanyuk сказал «Ну что Ж» Пиши в комментарии цифру 🤘🏿 #юмор #смех #ELMANVKADRE #весело #барбершоп