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🖌️Painter, printmaker & photographer ➡️ Australian living in NZ ✉️DM for sales enquiries or commissions, or check out my online store

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Need to add a little bit of warmth into the colour, but almost there :) .

Building up some cloud layers tonight ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ .

Hanging this little one to dry for a few days :)

Working on my “something small” for the XL xs show at @gallerydenovo this winter ☁️

I have loved working on this commission, it’s for some friends who wanted it for their second wedding anniversary :) the traditional gift for a second wedding anniversary is cotton (I paint on linen, but we thought that was close enough!)

I think it’s finished, it’s at least pretty close, so ok, maybe not finished.. but it’s close :) It’s at that stage where I’m going to put it on the wall for a while before I decide if it’s done or not.

S L O W progress today, but it’s progress none the less. How is it that when you’ve got heaps to do, nothing happens quickly?

Working on this piece today, not 100% sure I’ve got the colours right yet, but it’s coming along :)

Time for some details :)

I’ve been working on this piece today, it’s the painting I’m the most worried about at the moment. If I can pull it off, I’m hoping that it will look whispy and have a lot of depth with some light fluffy white clouds in the foreground 🤞 .

I won’t lie, I was excited to see my work in the window today, I walked home and back to get my camera ⛰(anyone who has experienced Dunedin hills may appreciate this) !

My first big painting of the year is finally finished ! 🙌 Pretty excited and nervous to drop it off to @gallerydenovo tomorrow. This is the biggest work I’ve finished for a while, 1.3 x 1m , titled ‘Mean Reds’

Things I love : Local florists, coffee & gallery walls. Today I went to my favourite local florist @rocknrosieflorals where they have all three, and to top it off they’ve put my Frida print on their wall. Definitely time for a happy dance 💃

Studio is starting to look a little full and chaotic ! Last day of April and last day of #aprilforartists. Today’s prompt is “biggest dream” and I’m honestly not sure how to answer it, sometimes I worry that if I focus too much on reaching a goal or a dream I won’t notice all of the opportunities that pop up unexpectedly? I’m also feeling really underslept and out of words at the moment. Thank you @phoebeganderart for the wonderful prompts this month, loved it 😘

Slowly slowly getting these closer to finished ! One of the wonderful things about finally letting go of an artwork and putting it up for sale is that you never know where it’s going to end up . . . . .

Why make art ? This is it seems a question I ask myself a lot, and one I struggle to answer (succinctly anyway!). So below is a bit of a word vomit, I’m not sure if I actually get to the point but I’m sure it’s in there somewhere 😂 I think this answer has changed a lot over for me, about 5 years ago I was working in a job I think I was probably good at but didn’t love, and it was making me into a person I didn’t really like much. I used to think that maybe I was just over tired and over work, but I work just as hard in my studio (if not harder) and I am much happier (and hopefully nicer), so it’s definitely something more. For me I think there’s something in the idea about trying to capture something in the moment, trying to recreate light and shadows, textures and making something that will make other people pause just for a minute to take something in. I am one of those people who does tend to rush things, I talk quickly, I often don’t look where I’m going because I’m in a hurry, but in my studio I am slow and deliberate. In a world where some days it feels everything moves very quickly, flowers wilt, cloud pass, phones ring, but an artwork stands still

Today’s #aprilforartists prompt is “favourite work so far”, this does change for me, at the moment it would be this cloud painting. It was my first cloud painting, I had imagined what I wanted to create for a long time when it came to clouds and I wasn’t sure that I could translate what I imagined onto canvas. Finishing this one felt like the start of something new. . . . . . . #juliebattisti