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✨Feather dreams ✨ • Today consist of prepping all items for restock and begin production! I will be sharing some pieces on my stories , but not all! I don’t want to spoil them all 🤗😉. • • I will be looking to this beauty for inspiration as this restock will consist of a lot of feathers!!! Have an awesome Wednesday everyone !!

“ you belong among the wild flowers “ 🌸 • • #wip. This piece has turned into way more than what I intended. However , it’s shown me that taking a step back and slowing my process down allows me to put my all into a piece . I have started , stopped , added and taken away from this piece a lot over the last couple of weeks. It’s finally coming along the way I want ! • • A lot of interest in this piece ! It will be apart of the shop restock 🤗. • • I have slowly but surely started back to work on the inventory for the shop! I will decide on a new restock date within the week , stay tuned. Happy M O N D A Y friends 💕.

Megan Mann

14 Days 13 Hours Ago

Hey everyone ! Spring has officially sprung ! 🌸 • • If you have been keeping up with my stories , you know I am taking some time off ! The May 1st restock date has been pushed back until further notice ! • My little man has had a hiccup this month with health and with that I’m putting my work on hold just a little bit longer to keep a closer eye on him 🤗. • • He is doing much better ! But you know us mommas just worry ! Don’t be too discouraged ! The restock will happen within the next couple of months ... just not next !! • • Thank you all for understanding and hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather !

Megan Mann

24 Days 23 Hours Ago

Thank you all so much for all the love on this piece! 💕 It means the world to me and warms my heart ! 🤗 It is definitely my new favorite ! • • I hope you all have an amazing weekend !

Megan Mann

25 Days 20 Hours Ago

This . Is. What. Dreams . Are . Made . Of. • • Goin our with a BANG ! And there it is folks , the last of customs for awhile ! Time to hunker down and work on shop inventory ! If you missed the last announcement ... shop restock is May 1st! • • I’ll just leave this here ..... happy weekend friends !

Megan Mann

28 Days 21 Hours Ago

☀️ Happy Tuesday everyone ! ☀️ Busy day ahead of us and I’m not so sure multiple cups of ice coffee is going to get me through! ✨ Finishing up the last of customs today. Which leads me into setting the next drop date! • • Wednesday May , 1st • • the shop will be restocked with amazing new goodies ! I am so excited to share new designs and new materials !! Put it on your calendars! I’ve been getting messages about the drop date and certain pieces already , you don’t want to miss out ! • • Enjoy your day everyone ! We are one day closer to the weekend 🤪🤩🤗

✨ throw back Thursday ✨. •Almost through with customs ! New designs are in the works for the new drop , date still is not set yet ! I’ll have a better idea once I get a hot minute to sit and think it over ! • • give away with @succulentsbyshannon is also still in the works ! Working out all the details and carefully planning this one 😉. . • • Happy Friday eve friends !

Middle of the week is finally here and I must say I’m ready for the weekend . Who isn’t , right ? Our household is under the weather , but this week just can’t not be slowed down by Illness! Too many orders to deliver and begin to let this cold take me on! • • Custom frame and macrame finished and ready for its new home !

✨ Dreamin Tuesday ✨ Its a custom kinda week. Wrapping up the last bunch of customs for a while 💕 • I hope y’all are enjoying your week so far and living everyday with a positive outlook ☀️ always look towards the sun ☀️. Enjoy your Tuesday everyone !

Happy Saturday! • Here’s a sneak and #wip for the next drop ! •copper •tree bark •macrame feathers This is what dreams are made of !! ✨ I’ll just leave this here to woo y’all ✨

✨ Details ✨ Another beautiful sun filled morning ☀️! I cannot wait for warm mornings , breakfast on the deck with my babies and listening to the happy birds chirping ✨. ✨ You know what I’m most excited about ?! MOWING! Y’all I can not wait to start my yard work again!!! We will be doing some landscaping and changing up to the outside of the house once it gets warm and I am STOKED ! ✨ What is something you look forward to come warmer weather ?! Drop some comments below !!!

Happy Monday everyone ! Working on some inventory this morning amongst customs as well. Which brings me to closing customs for the months of March and April! ✨ I am happy juggling shop inventory , customs and mommin over here and loving it ! So before I get too over my head I will not be excepting anymore personal orders for those months and until further notice !. ✨ With that being said ... I have a new way of doing thangs ! I will now have drop dates through the year of new inventory ! That way I can stock up and give you so many goodies to choose from at once ! ✨ More info to come !

✨ GIVEAWAY ✨ !! Two post in a day 🤭! I tired a little something different this time . Not only with Materials , but with my marketing .. im hoping to be bringing a lot more videos to y’all!! I need to work on my shakey hand , but you gotta start somewhere right ?! • • Let’s get down to business !! Here’s how to enter ! • ✨ like this video ✨ tag a couple friends ✨follow my page (if you don’t already , I will be checking !) BOOM . Just like that you are entered . Easy peasy! AND GO! • the winner will be announced Friday, March 1st at NOON! •

Happy Wednesday everyone ! This beauty is still available in the shop! I currently have her displayed in my home just to admire her everyday until she finds a forever home ✨. • For the first time in awhile , I’m drowning in rope over here ! Two macrame customs are in full swing and MAN! It feels good to get my hands dirty in some good ol macrame designs!! • • Sometimes it’s nice to just take a break from things to be able to enjoy them again ♥️. • • Anywho... I have a new embroidery goodie that I will be sharing at some point today on my stories 👀 keep a look out , prepare 🤯 and as always , let me know what you think!!

Just over here mixing fibers , doing my thang 💕. I’m so incredibly blessed to have you all. Keeping me busy and my creative juices flowing . • If you saw on my stories the other day I’ve been doing some rough draw ups for new designs. I can’t wait to share them with y’all and see what you think! • My in laws are making a visit to Lake Ontario this weekend .... I see driftwood and sea glass appearing in some of these new designs 👀. Keep your eyes peeled! • For now here’s details from a custom I just finished up! Im swooning 💕

❄️ snow day vibes ❄️ However drooling over these flowers wishing spring would come sooner ! I love all the seasons , but given my new allergy to the cold ... winter has become my least favorite . ❄️ Yesterday we cleaned all day , today we are working with snow breaks in between!! ❄️ Coming soon to the shop. • embroidered bouquet clusters • “ sunshine on my mind “ embroidery macrame • embroidery macramé’s 👀 keep a look out in my stories to stay updated ! .

Happy Monday everyone ! I don’t have any new Material to show as of yet, this week I’ll be wrapping up customs and getting the drawing board out for new things to come ! • Until then I always look back at this cotton embroidery.. to date one of my favorites and I plan on making many more ☺️. • Who is ready for some cotton embroidery bouquets 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

Man oh man how cute is this little heart & flower bouquet 💐?!? I finished it a little later than I had planned , but that seems to me my life lately 🤷🏻‍♀️. • • This little number may have hearts in it , but it’s not just a Valentine’s Day treat. It gives me all the spring and joy feels too! • • I have been trying to design something neat for that giveaway I’ve been promising 😉 coming soon!! • ✨ Bouquet joy will be featured in the shop later today , keep up in my stories to see when she goes LIVE ✨