Day 15 - Santillana del Mar to Cóbreces. As a girl from the very flat centre of Canada, I cannot get over the majestic nature of the rolling hills of Cantabria. This is what @coachtravels and I get to travel through each day. Furthermore, we get greeted by the ocean on multiple occasions. That said, walking up and down the hills is something this Prairie girl is still getting used to. Today, however, at the top of one such hill we had a private tour of an old church bell tower. While the stairs were rickety, the view from the top was spectacular. Sadly, my phone (thus my camera) was put away. Our day ended sooner than expected today. I was feeling ill, thus slowing our pace. As such, we didn’t think we’d make it to the next stop in time to get a place at the small pilgrim’s albergue, and the rest of the places to stay were rather expensive. So, we decided to stay in Cóbreces. The hostel there had 100 kids staying as part of a camp, but the restaurant across the street had a delicious spaghetti that made up for it.
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