12th July, in Pena de Francia, Spain. #holiday #travel #spain #peñadefrancia #スペイン #ドミニコ会 #フランス人 #frenchboy #旅行
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Así se termina una gran aventura 🙌🏽 #Rusiafueradelugar #Rusia2018 #nosvamos

The idea for this one came a few weeks ago when I was showing my daughter stars in the night sky and her big brother interrupted to point out the moon. Their excitement and wonder may have existed only as the product of unchecked imagination but I wanted to find a way to savor it before it was too late. It’s the middle of winter here in Australia so clear skies are in abundance, all I needed was a dark affinity hill facing the right direction and thankfully I knew of the perfect one. My first attempt missed the mark. I was distracted by the convenient presence of the Milky Way, rising at 41 degrees right before the children’s bed time and it drew away from the dreamy chimerical moment I’d envisioned. The image needed artistry, not science, so back we went the next night. This time, a little earlier during the beautiful astronomical twilight period where I knew I could create more with less. ✨✨

🔹 You’re sitting alone in your room, it’s dark and gloomy; much like your life these days it seems. Smiling, always smiling to the world but your heart hurts, why does it hurt so much? These tears, is there anyone that knows why these tears fall into what feels like an ocean. How did you end up like this Dear? ——— Sometimes your soul has to shatter into a million pieces before you realize the importance of your blessings. Most important blessing is Islam, losing the peace of your heart and soul is because you distanced yourself from Allah. You’ve lost your way. This is why your heart aches, this is your sorrow and tears. No it isn’t the man that broke your heart, no it isn’t your parents not understanding what you’re going through, no it isn’t anything else that you keep telling yourself. For a Mu’min, the only heartache is distancing yourself from Allah and Islam. You lose the peace of Salah, Zikr, beauty of the Quran. Instead your heart finds pleasure and happiness in Haraam sex, drinking, music, unlawful relationships, drugs, etc. ——— So when your heart is hurting and your soul is screaming for peace, instead of going back to the very same desires that keep hurting you again and again, say Bismillah. Make Wudhu. Say لآ اِلَهَ اِلّا اللّهُ مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُوُل اللّهِ. Pray. Pray to Allah, fall into Sujood and pour your heart out to Allah. Beg for Mercy, Guidance, and Forgiveness. Make Dua from every broken part of your heart and let the beauty of Islam enter your heart again. You will find your peace again. You will feel the happiness again In Sha Allah. Allah loves you, keep telling yourself that every sacrifice is for the sake of Allah and it will be rewarded in the Aakhirah. ——— If something is wrong in our lives, most of this is caused by our own hands. But how long will it continue? How long can we deny and run from the truth? Reflect. 🔹 • • ❤️ Follow me @muslimah_0229 ❤️ • • #islam #allah #love #guidance #mercy #revert #islamicquote #muslimah #islamicquotes #islamlife #quran #sunnah #prophetmuhammad #instaquote #keepithalal #islamicreminder #islamicreminders #islamicpost #inspireothers #relationships #prayer #hadith #followme

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