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• •⛰✨🧜🏾‍♂️• Ridge Runner • Here’s the South African Coast showing us what a classic sundowner looks like. On this evening, I was frantically running around, trying to capture every possible angle of this insane light show. The result, my wallet fell out of pocket and got casually swallowed by the Atlantic Ocean. A gentle reminder to slow down and enjoy moments like this. 📷 - @giuligartner Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

• • ☀️🌳✨• Pierced and Poised • Sometimes all the conditions line up for an absolutely fantastic moment. This was one of them. On our drive towards the drakensberg, we pulled over on the side of the road to watch the sun rise as the morning dew dropped from grass. A very gentle and clean cut way to start our adventure in the South African mountains. Shot with a Canon 5div at 350mm with an EF Telephoto Zoom 100-400mm Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

• •🚍✨⛰• Desert Devil • This is Bob, our noble steed who took us across the length and breadth of The Namib Desert, fully equipped with two roof top tents and basically an unlimited tank of gas. Her name’s Bob for 2 reasons. One, because we spent 90 percent of our travel time trying to keep our heads from bobbing off their sockets as we traversed many of Namibia’s bumpy dirt roads. Two, frankly we couldn’t come up with any other names more creative because the sweltering heat felt like it had evaporated half our brain cells. A couple of moments after this photo was taken, Bob’s back right tire popped and we were left stranded on the side of the road as the best light began to touch the peaks. Classic road trip luck. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

• •✨⛰☁️• Cuttin’ Craters • Here’s a view of the amphitheater in the Drakensberg mountains. One of South Africa’s gnarliest views. It’s kind of hard to comprehend the scale of this place but just to give you an idea, it’d take you roughly 6 hours to hike from the top of the main peak in the middle of the frame to the bottom left corner of the plateau. Insane right, I know. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

• •✨☀️•Turning Tides • It’s been an absolute pleasure running around Florida with the folks at @visitflorida over the last couple of days. From zipping through the tree-tops to watching the sun go down at this magical beach, I can’t wait to share more from this adventure. #lovefl #discovermartin In partnership with @visitflorida Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

• •✨🧜🏾‍♂️✨• Coastal Caves • There’s a secret little cave on the beach at Kogel bay, to get to see it, you have to visit the beach on a low tide day and then time the swell of the waves in order not to get completely drenched. If you end up making it inside, you’ll have the best seat in the house to watch the sun go down. The warmth from the sunset bathes the enormous peaks just outside the cave mouth as a refreshing cool breeze washes in from the back of the cave making the view all the more enjoyable. Undoubtedly one of my favorite spots in South Africa. Shot alongside @giuligartner on last months adventure through the beautiful country. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

• •🎈✨⛰• Lingering Layers • Another breathtaking moment from the flight over Sossuvlei . Swipe across to enjoy a full panorama of the Namibian Desert and it’s beautiful mountains. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

• •✨⛰✨• Silk & Sand • That’s @michielpieters trying to summit Big Daddy, the tallest dune in the Namib Desert. Big daddy is approximately an impressive 1066 feet tall but these measurements are always abstract and hard to visualize so I like to put things into perspective by comparing them to regular household items. So, Big Daddy’s actually as tall as 2500 cheeseburgers stacked on each other. Still can’t picture the height? No sweat, if you were kicking a can down the road, you’d have to kick it 266 times in a straight line in order to cover the distance of how tall the dune is. (Also shame on you for not picking up the can and recycling it 😂). These little snippets of info always make me chuckle for some reason. Hope it made you smile too. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

• •✨🧜🏾‍♂️💧• Lazy Loungin• Reminiscing about the absolute blast I had on @mustiqueisland with @orlebarbrown a couple of weeks back. The new collaboration with @007 is now live. Check out the link in my bio to see a couple of my favorite pieces. #obsaroundtheworld #mustbemustique #ad Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

• •🎆✨🕺🏾• Neon Nights • At the beginning of the year, I started a new adventure with @citibank and @americanair and got to run around in Hong Kong and Austin Texas. #ad. Check out the link in my bio to see the video we put together. Excited to be sharing more of this super exciting campaign over the next couple of months. #travelon Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

• •✨☁️✨• Haloed Hellscape • Namibia has been a complete fantastic creative playground. It’s sand dunes roll on as far as the I can see, and it’s stars are so bright it feels as though you can reach out and grab them. Every day felt a little bit like a dream. I’m currently headed now on my next adventure but this wonderland will forever have a place in my heart. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

• •☁️🐘✨• Watch and Wait • Sometimes you get lucky and the conditions line up resulting in a once in a lifetime light show. This mama and baby elephant had just got done with their daily mud shower. African Elephants fling dust on themselves to coat their skin and prevent them selves from the harsh savanna sun rays. Kicking up the dust resulted in a fantastic light show that left @jackharding and I with our mouths in our laps. I was able to grab a couple of shots before the light was gone. Thanks for the unbelievable experience @timbuktu_travel Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!