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Will a houseful of junior high girls be fooled? #marcellahazan recipe retooled. Stay tuned... #zucchininoodles #lasagna #lasagne

Second year (and final one) of only two girls in the ole back-to-school photo. Addie is off to 8th grade and Ella embarks on her senior year. Miss you @parkercobbs

Lucky for them it’s not Thanksgiving, the only gun we have is a plastic cap gun, and I’m sure, even just 20 feet apart, I’d miss. #gobblegobble #newmexico

After the forest fire, the perspective from our back porch is little changed, but walk half a mile down the road and mudslides have followed the arrival of the rainy season since there’s nothing to hold back the soil, ash, and boulders from the mountain. See slideshow. Mother Nature is powerful and I’m in awe of the beauty and destruction I’ve seen here these past few days.

Arrived. Favorite place. Just in time for the fireworks! #newmexico #cabin #7500feet

If you have time to listen to one thing today, this Revisionist History episode is the best podcast I’ve listened to on our 1,188-mile drive west. Parapraxis = Freudian Slip. FocusIng on Elvis Presley’s song-lyric slipups @malcolmgladwell enlists psychoanalysts, singers, and songwriters to better understand how these momentary and often consistent mental hiccups that we all experience hint at something deeper and more meaningful. @kacibolls “somebody’s somethin’” is a song worth adding to your playlist too! #elvispresley #areyoulonesometonight #jackwhite #bobbybraddock #kacibolls #malcolmgladwell

Most of us despised them as kids. And I won’t lie...these (blurry) meaty Brussels bites require ample prep, but it’s time well spent. These are the tastiest nibbles and always elicit recipe requests. It remains a favorite recipe of mine since I developed it for @cookinglight back in the @sthrnrhodes days (miss you, PR!) So you don’t have to ask, link to recipe in bio.

If you ever doubted it, women (and the men who support them...my better half @johngcobbs is 2nd from right) ROCK! I’ve watched from afar with awe (and incredulity) as @morganmicah raced 135 miles in 120-degree+ heat in 30 hours through Death Valley to complete the toughest race there is. She accomplished what the rarest few of the strongest and most resilient runners ever have: @badwaterhq

@ellacobbs Is home from Thailand and wanted to recreate one of her many favorite dishes—Pad See Ew. We got most of the ingredients on a visit to the Super Oriental market (aka “every” for the assortment). Birmingham is no San Francisco when it comes to finding all you require, but our Thai recreation was phenomenal and my sous chefs the best around @parkercobbs @addiecobbs_ #cookingtogether #lovemygirls

Thank you @rscottpeacock for letting me raid your fig trees and thoughts over a lazy-and-lovely lunch with quarts of your enchanted Alabama House lemon verbena 🌿tea. #perfectday

Well hello Friday! One of my favorite shots in the upcoming #southerncocktails book for @southernlivingmag The Savannah Suppressor a low-ABV refresher inspired by a drink that was served at Savannah’s The Florence (now sadly closed 🙁) #happyhour #cocktails #vermouth #stgermain #chamomilebitters #sparklingwine @meredithsimbks

What to make when summer serves up a bumper crop of squash? #squashcasserole of course! - - - - - - - #squash #vegetableplate #feedfeed #bhgfood #southern #southernliving

Perfect summer pre-dinner nibble: nectarines + ricotta-goat cheese blend + Cobbs Dell Road honey + pecans + basil #summer #nocooking #savoryandsweet #cocktailhour #f52fingerfoods #stonefruit #delicious

Same summer as the buckets of #rockymountainlobster it seemed every fisherman up and down river brought #rainbowtrout or #browntrout to add to the feast. Here we come!

It may look like this fella is trying to lasso the moon...but use the 2-inch knothole for scale to get why we crowned these the rare “Rocky Mountain Lobster” We caught buckets a few summers ago at the alpine lake in Eagle Nest, NM. Call ‘em #mudbugs #crawfish #crawdads but mostly call ‘em #delicious Can’t wait to be back in my favorite place!

Love spending time with my authors and their fabulous soulmates. Tonight with @cheftoddrichards and @melissa___richards ...reflecting on the then and now. We’ve come a long way! SOUL is a testament to the passion of this quiet, thoughtful, driven chef and the people, places, and experiences shared at the table and in the kitchen that have molded him. He’s the #realdeal #defchef and a #gentlegiant AND his book is Amazon’s number one cookbook of 2018 so far! @meredithsimbks @hughacheson

If you like pina coladas...you need the Beach Cocktails 🍹 book 📚#nationalpinacoladaday

Honey 🍯 time. The sticky “worker bees” robbing, capping, and spinning the frames for the summer honey harvest 🐝#cobbsdellroadhoney