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Your best life is lived in ur most balanced state...

That fruit sexy as hell😛💦😂


Shout out to the ppl that has the "PROPER" respect for their hair

Dont shoot the messenger. Pay attention to the message....

Be the example. Children learn not only by what you say but as you do...

Keep a healthy perspective reflections🙏

Reflected Light from Master Teacher Master student in the game got off the bleachers Downloaded downloads its time to teach ya Information age this is how i reach ya Yaa Yaa Yaaa

Living your best Life is when your living in your most balanced state. Master Cheif Eligio interpretation on keeping a healthy perspective is helping me to clean my Mind. Im finding it easier and easier to walk away from what no longer serves me and to step into the best version of Mycellf🙏


I dont let my past traumas hold me back from my mental growth and development. I love Mycellf🙏

See when ppl tell me we need money to do stuff like cross boarders things like this pop up in my Mind. We don't need money we need unity and to be on the same Accord.

I wish I could say I was Organically grown. I subjected Mycellf to so much disfunction it was like being disconnected from who I truly am was a desire. I allowed Mycellf to be abuse by people places and things so much that my mind was altered from it's original state. I became a genetically modified organism. Threw the study of my body and mind I can begin to heal🙏

1 of my favorite places to go. It's ironic that there's a huge yin yang symbol there because I always find balance there. It's where I started grounding at. The Earth is my house and I love living it #🌍✌️

The cognitive dissonance is real

People will come together to bum_rush into store for TV's and waffle iron but won't come together to leave a system of oppression...SMH