💀Solomon Islands Skull Hut💀 One of the finest examples of a Solomon Islands skull reliquary hut I’ve ever seen. This hut contains the skull of a very important ancestor. Inside it is filled with ancillary shrine pieces such as tridacna shell ring currency, whales teeth, alligator teeth, Barava carvings and a clay trade pipe used by the ancestor in life. This hut is made of wood and is coated in black parinarium nut paste (a common natural hardening adhesive that was used in the Solomons). These skull huts were typically stored in nearby caves or half open shed huts. They were typically mounted on a post up off the ground. This hut was collected by Kevin Conru near Chea village in the Marovo lagoon on Vangunu island in the Solomons. It is part of the catalogued and published Kevin Conru Solomon Islands collection (catalogue number CS12). It is published in the book “Solomon Islands Art”. Remaining in Kevin’s personal collection for many years, I acquired this piece just before It was being taken to be showcased at Parcours Des Mondes 2018. This is an absolute dream piece to add to the Karlin Collection.🌴💀💀💀🌴 . . . . #solomonislands #skullhut #skullhouse #kosa #solomonislandskull #tribalart #parcoursdesmondes #kevinconru #oceania #oceanicart #melanesia #melanesian #primitiveart #bruneaf #tribaltattoo #skull #humanskull #worldtravel #architecturephotography #tattoo #dayakskull #shrunkenhead #conrucollection #artcollector #tribalartcollector #karlincollection
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2018-09-15 19:48:03

@darwin.and.wallace.store Thank you! 🔥💀🌴

Wow that’s truly phenomenal!

2018-09-14 08:58:22

Very cool

2018-09-10 18:04:50

@jeromefhamlin Thank you my friend 👊🏻

A very fine one!

Wow!!!!. That's just totally incredible!!😲

2018-09-09 13:40:23

@thecollectoroddities Thanks Brandon! 👊🏻🙏🏻

Very nice piece. The skull is amazing!

2018-09-09 09:15:17

@nevertoldjack Thank you Jack 🙏🏻👊🏻🌴💀🌴💀🌴

2018-09-09 09:14:56

@strachanian Yeah! The timing was insane, all happened working 4 days. Thank you Ian!

Ian Strachan
2018-09-09 04:31:23

Nice grab, getting this before Parcours, and one heck of an addition! 🖤

Absolutely magnificent as always. Top notch!

2018-09-09 01:39:16

Amazing piece

2018-09-09 01:06:42

@skulls_and_death_things Thank you Ronnie!

Nice Jeff 👌🏻👍🏻❤️😘

2018-09-09 00:19:59

@king_of_the_creatures its called an addiction 😅😆😍😘

2018-09-09 00:19:02

@rikreinking 😉🌋💀🌴👊🏻🔥

Rik Reinking
2018-09-09 00:18:16


2018-09-08 23:54:05

@nightyo_o It is pretty damn impressive! It’s got an amazing presence in person, very powerful. It really is the finest example I’ve seen offered for sale, I had to have it!