Challenging myself to reach more than one book a month. Who has some suggestions? Open to any type of book. Just looking to expand my knowledge and horizons 📚💖
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Congrats on 100k for @morganketzner (shot by @milianeyes) ⚡️

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❤ 👍

Lakeshia McKay
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Zé António
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Any of the chicken soup books. Lol

Geo "4" Stalidis
11 Days 20 Hours Ago

Nice 👍

Rhonda Cotsell
12 Days 5 Hours Ago

The best way to find good books to read is to first discover what you like to read. Is it fiction or non-fiction, or both? If you can remember books you liked in the past that can guide you. Reading is about finding out stuff or being carried away into another world. Its also very personal, just as taste in food or people or holidays are. What I consider to be a good book might not work for you, or equally we may share tastes. The best place to start is to go to your local library and spend at least an hour just browsing. Libraries are free and the sole aim of library staff is to provide access to a wide range of good books.



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Outstanding photo!

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