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#repost @sweet_mama_abby with @get_repost ・・・ 🚨Calling all NJ residents and rescue groups in the Gutenberg area! Little Wanderers was contacted by a good samaritan about this sweet housecat who was thrown out on the street and abandoned when his owner passed away. She has been feeding this little guy for a few weeks and set up an outdoor shelter for him as well, but he’s not a street cat; he only knows a home. She contacted a woman who does TNR who said she’d come get him, but is now ignoring her calls. Little Wanderers is at max right now and is desperately seeking other people/rescues in the area who might be able to help. Please DM me if you might be able to help the sweet woman who has been feeding and caring for this poor cat. Please feel free to share this post and tag anyone who you think may be able to help!! Thank you! πŸ’™

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#repost @sleepypod with @get_repost ・・・ Emergency Preparedness with Pets: We all know it's important to include pets in a family emergency plan, but how prepared are we to address their special needs? Advance planning will give you and your pets the best chance to stay together and stay safe in an emergency. Watch the Emergency Preparedness With Pets video on Sleepypod’s Youtube Channel packed w/ tips from pet travel & safety expert, Melanie Monteiro of The Safe Dog. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jho0Up9bFP4

#repost @nycscr with @get_repost ・・・ As hurricane Florence makes its way toward the east coast, please keep your pets safe and do not leave them at home. Even if an animal survives the storm, they might flee and get lost in the aftermath. Please check with shelters before you go and be sure they will take your pets. Find lodging with friends or relatives that will allow you to bring your pets with you. If you find you need pet-friendly lodging, the following websites will help: www.tripswithpets.com www.bringfido.com www.dogfriendly.com www.pet-friendly-hotels.net www.petswelcome.com Whatever you do, please be safe and take your pets with you. Their lives depend on it. #becausetheymatter #hurricaneflorence #hurricaneready #hurricanepreparedness

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Got home today and found the sweetest senior cat roaming the streets. Afraid he was going to get hit by a car, I got close and saw he had a collar and was super friendly. He was rolling over and asking for rubs πŸ’• I call the number on his collar and I ask if he got loose. I was praying he wasn't what I suspected...a friendly outdoor cat πŸ˜” Sure enough I got a patronizing explanation that no one is the owner but she put a collar on him for emergencies πŸ˜‘ And then I got a lovely, "You must be new to the neighborhood..." 😑When I explained that he almost got hit by a car the response was silence. Shocking. I've actually lived here for years but I just do this to all the cats hoping they're lost and I can reunite them with their families. Unfortunately every time I get a half assed excuse that they're a community cat. Ughhhh people! Keep your cats indoors. It's not fair to them and it's CRUEL! #shittyneighbors #adoptdontshop #yesimbeingjudgy #tnr

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#repost from @dr.xristina β€’ β€’ β€’ This broke my heart, but there's a good message behind it. Please be there for your animals. Death is hard but have the courage and decency to be there for their final moments. You wouldn't leave behind a human family member so don't do it for your fur family members 🐾🌹🌈

FOR ALL MY SOCAL PEEPS!! #repost @teamfridafries with @get_repost ・・・ CALIFORNIA! #teamfrida Repost @kikiandbambiesadventures with @get_repost ・・・ This terribly neglected 12 yr old kitty was dumped at the shelter BECAUSE HER OWNER DIDN’T WANT TO GROOM HER!!!! 144174 her name is TRIXIE AND SHE IS URGENT!!! This is abuse ! Owner had the nerve to say she would take her back if the shelter groomed her, well she will get groomed but she will not get her back!!!! She needs a loving home that will care for this poor baby!!! ‭ Ramona Humane Society 690 Humane Way, San Jacinto, CA Please call the shelter for more info at 951 654-8002 x 4 open seven days a week... contact for the rescue coordinator Jose is 951 260-7204 BY TEXT ONLY or please email him at ramonarescue@yahoo.com. Please note the shelter does NOT provide transportation. If you are out of state you need to find your own transport....... .....PLEASE SHARE 🐾β™₯️ @kyriah124 @animalrights.fighter @helping_meowt #pleaseshare #deathrowcats #adoptdontshop #blackcatsofinstagram #sos #urgent #neglect

THE LOOK OF BETRAYAL. Meowmy I swear to never forget that you broke the trust and gave me and Bear a bath. β€’ β€’ β€’ Spotted some fleas on both of them and I'm hesitant to use flea meds with all the chemicals in them πŸ˜–. I've been flea combing them daily and washing/vacuuming everything in sight. Today I gave them both a bath (poor Bear was so traumatized he had an accident πŸ˜”). I used @Earthbath hypo-allergenic shampoo and really liked it because it's fragrance free and pH-balanced. Hopefully this helps with the fleas. Unfortunately I live in an apartment complex that has a carpeted entryway and hallway. I know it's infested with fleas and I'm sure that's where they get them. Any tips/tricks for beating flea season? #brokethetrust #earthbath #bathsforcats #ihatefleas #holisticsolutions #adoptdontshop #spoiledbabiesπŸ’ž

WOW...you know you're a crazy cat lady when you stumble across an amazing IG pet portrait page (I mean, seriously?? So cool!!!) and actually recognize a bunch of the cats in the portraits 😻😹😹 @wildmasterpieces @nathan_thebeachcat @myfosterkittens

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