Look at how much money I just made, while another child got played, another sister just got aids, which is a test on many diseases graded, by those who invented & made it but don't give a sh*t.. look another rapper faded, another undereducated woman so we call her basic, let's face it, this society's tasteless, the super rich remain faceless, at least the melanin keeps me ageless, am I destined for greatness... I'm not sure what the definition is, is greatness creating a revolution, where we seek retribution, destroy constitutions to find resolutions... or is it just trying to get children to eat healthy, forget selfies & remain wealthy. I'm not sure anymore, keep shining in your African diamonds, keep climbing & finding that if you just pray to god it's all just timing, while I'm rhyming keep grinding at the system that treats darker children like dogs, whether they're clever whatever the weather, locking them up forever, they're tethered to false hopes of a life better but never, unless they can severe oppressors...they remain stuck in this nexus. Their mum caught slugs from the police, shouting thugs but they worship the same man above, they both believe in the same man that loves, but the man that shot her was tried by a judge who didn't budge, police walked free & the children got a hug. Keep dancing King, like it's all good, keep dancing Queen, in your own blood, you can't see this proactive vanity is all insanity & you should, escape the calamity & of all the tragedies, put down the liquor killing your uterus, put down the junkfood destroying the future us, pick up a book, put down your own face, now take a look at your own place, & ask yourself this are we winning, or still drowning & thinking we're swimming.. #knowledge #vegan #mind #life #lifestyle #poetry #instagood #pic #men #woman #love #quote #nature #motivation #cool #art #beauty #instalike #instadaily #meme #quote #memes #beautiful #look #inspiration #family #amazing #smile #style #girl
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