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@lynnshappydog Hi Kirby! Here is my sister Martini. She would like to go on date with you❤️

Goodmorning from me and my sister Martini. We wish you a Happy Thursday❤️❤️❤️

Hi friends. I’ll tell you that Mom and I have moved. I have got a sister ( you can see her on the pic). Then I have got 3 cats, 2 sisters and a brother). You can’t believe it but I’ve got a New daddy too😘. We have a lot to do just now so I hope we are back here soon. I’m sending a lot of ❤️to all of my friends. See you soon❤️ it you??? @jonasthebulldog Matte köpte den här idag....ganska lik va? Trevlig kväll på er❤️❤️❤️

This in my friend Martini. She doesn’t want to be in a photo😘

Just want to look in here and say hi❤️ We have taken a break from IG because I don’t feel so good. I have arthritis. I am coughing at nights. Just now Mom and I are with a friend and his dog on holiday. Here I can go out whenever I want and no leash😀 Mom is so worried about me but I have said to her that I’m a very old boy now. See you soon my friends. Love you so much❤️❤️❤️

Look what I have got today. A ”duktig vovve” (good dog) box. A lot of treats and a toy😘😘😘

I’m on my way to the postoffice! @skyliedoodle Can you see who I’ll send this big letter to? Happy Sunday my friends😘😘😘

Bacon Tuesday #bacontuesday @jonasthebulldog 🥓🥓🥓

Goodmorning friends. Breakfast time. Happy weekend to all of you😘😘😘#happyfridaywithstina

Happy #tongueouttuesday #tot 👅👅👅It’s so hot here in Sweden☀️☀️☀️

Mom...can I get this apple!? Pleeeasee🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎 Yeah...I got it😘

Happy #tongueouttuesday #tot my friends👅👅👅

Goodmorning my friends. In this little cottage I had live for few days. Can you see me??? Today we are going home. Have a great Sunday 😘😘😘

Mom and her sister listens at irish music. I’m sooo boring😩😩😩

Today I’ve visit our Kings summer residence Solliden. It was so hot☀️ here so Mom bought me a icecream🍦Tomorrow we are going home again.

After a long hot day it’s nice to go to bed. Goodnight friends😴😴😴

Now we are in Kalmar and visiting my human cousin Timmy. Happy weekend my friends😘 #minisemester #vacation #happyfridaywithstina