LABIRINTITE PODE SER EMOCIONAL A labirintite emocional está ligada a problemas como depressão e excesso de ansiedade, que podem surgir como consequência de fatores como perda de um ente querido, traumas de infância, Síndrome do Pânico, perda do emprego e excesso de estresse, pressão e cobranças no trabalho ou nos estudos. A labirintite causa sintomas como sensação de pressão e zumbido no ouvido, diminuição do equilíbrio, tontura e dor de cabeça frequente, que pioram em situações de estresse agudo ou durante movimentos repentinos da cabeça. FONTE: Dr. Arthur Luis Alves Frazão de Carvalho
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The lost of my mother was a pain that I thought I’ll never be able to deal with but over time it got easier to deal with but the pain will never go away. My mom was great women. Loving, caring, giving, independent, selfless, motivated, determine and the list goes on...... when I found Mesh it was like I found a spitting image of my mom. She held the same Qualities. Losing her was like losing a part of me. We did everything together “EVERYTHING”. The hardest part of my day is waking up and your not there. Or waking up in the middle of the night and not feeling u there. I really loss apart of me by losing u. My two beautiful angels #idaandmesh love y’all. I’m stressed out😔

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Photo by @ljohnphoto Devyn has one kidney. She is an altruist and earned that title by donating one of her healthy kidneys to a stranger in honor of her mother who was killed by her stepfather. Ironically, the recipient of her life saving organ was a child, the same age as Devyn when she heard that fateful gunshot. Devyn-tough and bright-is determined to live a life her mother would be proud of. For this month’s Nat Geo story-The Science of Good and Evil. #transplant #thewaitinglist @natgeocreative @thephotosociery

Ep. Momma's Baby, Martins Maybe 😂 . #martinshow #martinlawrence #martinpayne #riptommy @martinlawrence @thecarlpayne @tishacampbellmartin @tichinaarnold

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