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i finished watching voltron god someone send help, i'm emotionally unstable

Xmas tree is uP ALSO i have an adrienette edit coming for christmas! (And a ladynoir coming before that so imagine how much i've been editing) i'm back in business baby Edit: i just noticed the star isnt there and the lights are a mess, bUt thats because i took the picture before it was completely done lol)

「❥」 — Miraculous Ladybug: “Account's Anniversary” ⠀ THREE YEARS♥ wowowowowow, we're all dying i've beEN IN THIS FANDOM FOR 3 YEARS ALREADY??!?!? that's a lot anyway, tysm for being here by my side, after all this time. Thanks for understanding my lack of edits, and for being patient. I love you all with all of my heart, and I'm so grateful to have you here with me. You've helped me smile in my darkest nights. You are great. SO TIME TO CELEBRATE, CAUSE I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE, I'M STAYING HERE UNTIL THIS SHOW ENDS ⠀ [#miraculous #miraculousladybug #mlb #adrienagreste #marinettecheng#marinette #ladynoir #marichat #adrienette #ladrien #disney#disneychannel #catnoir #chatnoir #ladybug #marinettedupaincheng #manip #heroes #zagheroez #2018 ]

You should definetely go join this!!! Click the link in my bio ~ @unlockedlive

i'm dead 3/3

he just almosT 2/3

love em 1/3


my BEAUTIFUL children this is a preview from the upcoming movie (which will be a musical, apparently)

whole squad is ready for christmas (Also don't ask when will I stop posting about Zepeto, I'm not in a state of mind to be inspired to edit good things, please understand) 💕

i'm so thankful of being part of the Hamildub project (basically translating and adapting Hamilton to Spanish) because the girl who plays Eliza drew me this for my birthday! she's so sweet iM - (i play peggy/maria, hence why they're in the background)

IT'S MY 18TH BIRTHDAY TODAY - 3 birthdays here already wow, could've been 4 but i made this account on the 9th lol (account anniversary coming up)