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Nothing against Mexican food, but we lost a classic Schmidt City Club Beer sign over at 1905 Stillwater Ave E in St Paul.

Beer delivery in progress.

The joys of Minnesota in October...er wait what?

Saturday morning after a @naturallightbeer party.

Well I know what beer I’ll have to celebrate! 😆🍺

T.G.I.F. !!!

I saw actual flurries in Minneapolis this morning, is it time for a Har-vest or a winter jacket?

A double classic spotting. I still haven’t been inside Porky’s cuz I’m not sure I’d make it out haha.

“I’m going to McDonald’s Liquor’s” ... “What, McDonald’s has Liquor now? I know, its a knee slapper every time. McDonald’s Liquors is located at 5010 34th Ave S Minneapolis MN

Who’s in the mood for a good old fashioned beer singalong?

With this cooler weather, I’m gonna try and hit as many patios as possible. The patio over at @cozzies.tavern has a nice feel for fall.

It’s official, Oktoberfest 2018 has officially wrapped up in Munich. P.S. It’s “Zicke Zacke” not “Ziggy Zaggy or Zoggy or whatever ”....just sayin haha

Highlights from yesterday’s Guzzle N Twirl Beer collectors show in Maplewood MN.

I’m out on a Saturday night, crazy! This @dangerousman house IPA is surprisingly smooth for a 7.5% beer.

This is the first time I’ve seen this jem.

It’s everyone’s favorite party animal, Spuds Mackenzie !!! 🤟🏻🍺 #bullterrier

Who’s going to @indeedbrewing Hullabaloo this weekend?

A long standing Oktoberfest from our cousins across the border. Leines does make decent beer outside of the fruity stuff, you just have to look.