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The weekend has begun!

Schuller’s Tavern in Golden Valley MN as it appeared in 1957 sporting a @grainbeltbeer and Schmidt beer sign out front.

@surlybrewing just announced their 2019 lineup of beers.

A collage of very Minnesotan @grainbeltbeer beer ads from the early 1970s featuring Minnesota related things...yeah...sure. . . #minnesota #greengiant #fondue #beer #mnbeer #craftbeer #minnstagram #minnstagramers #minnesotabeer #minnesotacraftbeer

Cats are crazy for @schellsbeer Landbier.

Are you ready for some Foosball? . Bubba Smith and Dick Butkus (haha) in a 1982 Miller Lite Beer ad. ...Butkus

Who has all of the scenic cans from Schmidt and Heileman? After Schmidt changed hands the quality of the cans art dropped a couple notches as you can see here.

I spotted this Hamm’s sign over a year ago and I thought I deleted it by accident. Also I kinda forgot where I saw this sign haha. I’m thinking it was in Lake City MN? Does this place look familiar to anyone?

A pretty rare find sent in from Adam - @biglakehomebrewer A @grainbeltbeer packaged in a Nesbitt’s bottle. Not sure on year or circumstance but pretty cool.

Happy Repeal of Prohibition Day! #repealday

A classic Schlitz sign still hangs in front of the Twin Point Tavern at 11199 Stillwater Blvd North in Lake Elmo, Minnesota.

Congrats to all the winners of this year‘s awards. I was actually nominated a few years back but lost out to the better blog. Since then, blogs have been taken off the list of things to vote for. 🤨 . P.S. I do review breweries and beers! I’m actually going on 9 years now of doing this project but ironically I have never been invited to a taproom opening once....really. I’ve broken stories about places that will open but yet my invite always gets lost in the mail....contact me people, free promotions await! @growlermag

A later North Star beer can that was brewed in Cold Spring MN, getting a little snow from the north on it.

Wife said only one beer decoration ...

The weekend is upon us ....

Sent in from Tim Nelsen out of his personal collection. . If you have any Hamm’s or other beer memorabilia you would like to be featured here, feel free to send it in!

View of the San Francisco Hamm’s Brewery from inside of the Seals/Giants stadium in the late 1950’s.

A Kaufman Advertising Company truck hauling some classic beer signage in Little Falls Minnesota back in 1940. Photo - John Vachon/MNHS