Buster :: Evaluation 7/3/17 - The journey Begins !! Thank you all , for sharing Our journey , every pawstep of the way 💔 . . #repost @sophiegamand (@get_repost) ・・・ If you've followed Buster's story, please read this from @applauseyourpaws! Buster was pulled from @miamianimalserv by a courageous rescue, @larueslegacybulldogrescue. Pulling a dog is only the first step of a long journey. Buster is now being fostered and undergoing training to help him overcome his dog aggression. Ps: tail-wagging doesn't always mean friendly, as you can see 🙈😬. It means confidence. Sometimes, like "I can so take you down". ohhh Buster... . ・・・ Repost: Stiffness. Lip licking. He's waiting for the other dog to make a move. As soon as she moves it's game on. He bites her neck then pins her, growling. Had she been a real dog things would have escalated and certainly ended in a big vet bill, or even worse 🙊🐶😬 •••••• I know we usually post lots of "happy" dogs and gorgeous photos of dogs -- but that doesn't mean we don't train to rehabilitate dog to dog aggression or human directed aggression. Dealing with dog aggression of any type can be very emotional for a family, and that's why we typically don't document the initial consult. Today we had the opportunity to document a boy who is very special to us. He is wonderful with people but currently is stressing out his foster mom because she cannot walk him during the day due to his reactivity and dog aggression. It's baby steps when we rehabilitate aggression in dogs. There is no quick fix. Today was the first step: 1) Assess severity of aggression utilizing our "special" (fake!) dogs 2) Fit appropriate equipment to aid in training 3) Make sure owner/handler understands game plan for rehab and is comfortable handling dog with new equipment. The first goal with a dog like this is teaching handler focus so he can ignore other dogs in very close proximity. Until we accomplish that goal we will not develop a new goal. Although it's nice to think about how we can go from this to playing off leash with other dogs that isn't always possible. We never say never, but are honest with our clients as we work step by step. The first step is to c
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2017-09-18 15:02:57

@larueslegacybulldogrescue what ever happened with buster?

2017-07-04 16:26:32

WOW! Hard to believe that's sweet Buster! So glad he's getting help🙏🏻 Never really seen anything like this. Thank God for the team of people working together to help him❤

He will get it ❤❤❤

@wazzy_max_pcj_cobalt_fletcher - We will learn so much during Buster's journey . This being our first Bait Pibble of this caliber . I admit , that even I , ( experienced with aggression ) to a degree , was on pins & needles . Buster is one Lucky Dog - so much support made this possible .. Happy 4th Guys ! 🇺🇸❤️

2017-07-04 05:31:45

Amazing, thank you a million times over to all involved for saving him, and to his mom for not giving up!!! 💙

2017-07-04 01:45:14


he will keep making progress ❤❤❤

@sophie_nonelly 🙉

Your Welcome , We wish you success & would love to be updated 🐾

Keely Tate
2017-07-03 21:19:06

@larueslegacybulldogrescue thank you 🙌🙌🙌

@keelytate I respect your love & dedication ✅ @applauseyourpaws / has & knows all the nationwide resources , I've tagged them for you .. there is hope ... please keep us updated ..

Keely Tate
2017-07-03 21:15:42

@larueslegacybulldogrescue were not giving up! 🤗 Just wanting to give our pittie the best life and the best home, we are desperately seeking advice, or guidance into finding the best way to handle our boy so the whole house is safe and happy!

@keelytate @applauseyourpaws - Can absolutely point you in the right direction for your locale !! Challenging for sure !! Don't give up ! #nevergiveup

Keely Tate
2017-07-03 21:03:30

@larueslegacybulldogrescue can you recommend a trainer or rescue in California that can help with a dog like that? We have a rescue that we are having trouble with, and struggles with protective instincts and we can't seem to find the right trainer/ help for us to learn how to handle him. We would love any recommendations ❤️😍

2017-07-03 20:48:54

You got this Buster! We're rooting for you 😉

@mstorresbrusa Woah !! Look what you signed up for #FierceBrasilBeauty 😜

Ms Torres
2017-07-03 19:31:28