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[ olivarry x quote ] β€” ollie succeeds at the touching barry for no good reason challenge β€” dt: @barryxxtheflash bc she loves these boyfriends just as much as i do πŸ’•

[ superflarrow parallels ] β€” felicity was wrong... there isn’t one green arrow.

k bye ignore

new theme 🀣🀣🀣

[ lauriver x quote ] β€” they deserved so much better β€” i’m done

[ lauriver x parallel ] β€” with the time that they had, they did it together.

[ lauriver x parallels ] β€” i miss dinah laurel lance so much

[ lauriver x parallel ] β€” he misses her so much i swear if he doesn’t see her somehow in this season i’ll riot. also the way he smiles bc he knows he can tell her anything.. HE WANTED TO MARRY HER OK

[ lauriver x parallel ] β€” after all this time, he still loved her. β€” dt: @radioactivehale cuz it’s happyish

[ lauriver x parallel ] β€” he wanted to be the man she fell in love with so badly :( β€” posting the rest of this theme today bc i am TIRED of it

[ olicity x lauriver parallel ] β€” if olicity is endgame why the hell do they have to constantly make drama between them? oh wait, it’s because they’re naturally & still toxic... anyways the love of oliver’s life is barry allen lol bYE

[ lauriver x parallel ] β€” he had to give up the love his life, his family, and the perfect life to go and save the world. his mission wasn’t over... and it killed him because he was afraid... but he had to. he’s a hero, no one can tell me otherwise.

[ olicity x lauriver parallel ] β€” the only thing she wanted was for him to be loved and happy :(

[ lauriver x olicity parallel ] β€” ..... laurivur reported missing in a crisis.. ok but fr this parallel hurts my heart

[ supergirl 4.09 ] β€” ready to die???? i think tf NOT. they cannot kill oliver queen they just CAN’T

[ team arrow x quote ] β€” hi i miss laurel and thea so much. we love selfless heroes. also surprise, not an elseworlds post. still currently dead

[ supergirl 4.09 ] β€” oh my god oliver stop this please i feel sick... if he dies...