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I have a PASSION😩😍for commentary🤤☕️!Not another messy blog !I read when it's right!#doyourgoodliving #goinandlethaveoneverybodyass #notmy #eatseveral

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Yesssssaaah! Saweetie was giving #noscrubs for her man last night ! . . TeaMZ #baewatch 😍😍 #quavo and #saweetie I’m loving this !

Hi @bravotv ! Oop! . Chile #kenyadaly might’ve fell out with the #realhousewivesofatlanta producers and #bravo but she still good with their employees though ! Oop ! Chile everybody was at #babydaly ‘s Royal 👑 themed BabyShower !!!!!! #swipe ! Kenya went all out and her guest did too !!! Marc looked dapper ! Very debonair ! He wasn’t hiding from the camera 📷! Urgh I would have loved to see this filmed ! I’m so happy for Twirl !!! We’ve followed Kenya on this journey for years . I’m so happy for her !! #marriedtomedicine #toyabushharris #drheavenly #kandi #kandiburruss #kandiburrusstucker #kandikoated #klique #realhousewivesofpotomac #bravotv #twirl #kenyamoore #porshawilliams #teamporsha #shameamorton

Play It Up Sis!!!! 😉🤰🏽! Maternal Meg Steady Securing 🏰 ! Bloop 🤸🏾‍♀️! . Chillllle The Duchess 👸🏽 of Sussex ain’t but 7 minutes pregnant and she’s out Australia 🇦🇺 cradling her bump🤰🏽! Our type of girl 😏😏! Next time put some stank on it Meg and faint ! Just fall out chile . Or throw up somewhere . Get fatigued and have to sat down to catch your breath . Just let them carry you Meg. . . #meghanmarkle and #princeharry are on their 16 Day Royal 👑 Tour of #australia, #newzealand, #tonga, and #fiji ! The #duke and #duchess hit Bondi Beach in Australia on Friday (October 19,2018) and Meghan was giving every bit of with child 💅🏽! The Royals chopped it up with some of the OneWave members (a local surfing community group raising awareness for mental health )! Everyone was all over Maternal Meg. Next time just pass out Meg! I am so proud of herrrrrr!!!!!!!!! I mean happy 😊 for them !

C’mon here WIFE! . #aliciakeys did that for her Huzbands 🎉❤️40th Birthday 🎊🎈! She went the romantic thoughtful bomb 💣 route for Swizz birthday 🎁 . Licia blindfolded #swizzbeats and led him to his brand new #astonmartin ! Had him under the impression he was just going to a surprise dinner ! After receiving his Aston Licia surprised him with a Porty with close friends and family ! Look at Bey Bey and Jay ! #beyonce was smiling like “ Go Licia” as Alicia gave her huzband a speech ! @aliciakeys can I be your husband ?! I give a nasty rendition of #cleo #setitoff without my weave ! .😂😂🎹 This is so beautiful to watch ! You can see the love all over Alicia! ❤️❤️ #birthday #birthdayboy #birthdaylove #beyoncé #jayz #jayzandbeyonce #thecarters #thebeatz #husband #realwife #wife #husbandandwife #party #porty

Kevin: “ No -no then I went IN THE KITCHEN” ( view previous post) . #hotshot : #kevingates chops it up with #moneybaggyo . Kevin probably saying something crazy af😂😂😂😅😅.

Chile we were all set to post our mash up to wish KC a Happy Birthday 🎉🎈 but her younger boo babe #nikokhale just took it! He posted up professing his love ! Hey Big Keysh💪🏽! . ! #keyshiacole is beaching with her bae for her birthday 🌞🌊 🐚🎈! 🎉#swipe Chile Keyshia straight chilling . She ain’t worried about a d*mn thing . Happy birthday 🎊🎂 KC !!

Thank Youuuuuuu😌🎯! . R&B’s Forever Princess 👑 ! The Been Bad Baddie Celebrated Her Birthday over the weekend ! Glen Cove’s finest celebrated her birthday with a lavish dinner party with Friends and Family! 🎊🎉🎁🎈🥃🍷! Then went to show these hoes and young boys how it’s done ! Sis hit the stage then turned up with #swaelee and #torylanez ! Go Shan!

#migos brung #cardib on stage last night for the #aubreyandthethreeamigos Tour ! . . I love love love how #yrntakeoff and #quavo are so gang gang for #cardi ❤️! Chile all I heard was “ what you say sis “ “ sis what “ yas yas! 🗣 🎤 🎶 We are a family 🗣like a giant tree 🌳 branching out towards the sky🗣we are a family we are so much moreeeeee than just you and I 🗣WE ARE GROWINGGGGG FREEEEE 🎤🎶. Yes gawddd they giving every bit of #otf ! . Loved our favorite married couple chemistry on stage ! #offset led his lady to the stage and couldn’t keep his hands off our favorite Blood! So Bute ! ❤️❤️❤️ #dreamgirls #staywithit #kulture #kulturekiaricephus #kultureparents #bardigang #ganggang #onlythefamily #motorsport #huncho #cho #takeoff #take #djtake #culture #culture2

A word from #solange ! #commentcreepin #onit #whosaidthat ? * #porshawilliams voice * ( #rhoa fans get it ) . . We do #solangeknowles ! We are here for her . Been about her and we still about her . She’s Our Favorite Artistic Piece 👩🏽‍🎤. Our ”I Am Not My Nothing” Piece ! Solo came out the cut to bless #theculture 😍. She Shared Several Sultry Shots 😍! As well as pumped tea on her latest . Sis been off somewhere being a better person . She fell short this week . It happens Sol’ . I promise you . I find myself feeling bad for getting situations together in the worse way possible 🤭🤬🏌🏽‍♀️📚🌴🤬🤫😓. Solange has been owning her faults ( I tell myself each time I fall short I’m going to handle it better next time 😊), forgiving herself ( We better , it’s the word ☝🏽🙏🏽🙌🏽and in the beginning that’s all we had so 😌) , and treating her mind , body , and spirit better 💪🏽( listen I come first . That’s the bottom line , true tea, fax, big facts , Kee Kee , real tea, that to that , period , say all be all , still , mandated, mandatory, remaining , constant , indefinite , no lie , to be always and forever more ☝🏽) ! 🎯 I’m so Solange! #solangelandthehadleystdreams

Secure It All🏰Sis! . Royal Welcome to #bumpwatch For #meghanmarkle 👰🏽👑! Daddy Duke😏 put The Dutchess of Sussex love on top 🤰🏽 👑!! . . . Yeahhh Harry👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽! Okay Big Harry 💪🏽😏🤴🏼! Chile it ain’t been a goodt 6 months since the #royalwedding (May 19, 2018) and #princeharry 🤴🏼has already shot the #duchess club up . Oop 🤭. The Royal couple has only been married a fist full of Sunday’s . Chile #queenelizabethii couldn’t even take a good nap 👵🏻👑 before they come 🎺🎺 announcing they’re expecting ! 🤰🏽💭 Considering the #royalweddingdate and my fingers (☝🏽✌🏽💭) they’ve been married about 4 months. October 19 2018 will make 🖐🏽 5 months married . They’re announcing the pregnancy 🤰🏽 now , so Meg has to be at the safe mark 👍🏽. Most women wait until they get the okay. At least a good 2 sometimes 3 months / whenever they feel like it to share with their relatives. Oooooooooouuu they nasty ! 😏🤸🏾‍♀️They was in that castle going in and let have on some Sinless Sex ! Okay. The Royal Kind! Successful Sussex Sex 🤰🏽! Securing Sex🏰🤞🏽👑🤸🏾‍♀️.I’m not mad at #mehganmarkle . She had to what she had to do . I told her “ Secure the castle sis “ when she got engaged (view previous post ). Quote me baby, I said it . Move in on their a**es ! Grind til’ you own it 🏰🏃🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️🤸🏾‍♀️🏋🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♀️!!! Listen -They’re in love , young , well to do, wealthy, Royal 👑 People . I’m happy they’re doing good enough to be making love on top 🤰🏽! Blessed Bumping Meg!!This’ll be good for the castle 🏰! I know that’s right 😏✊🏽!

#floydmayweather keep him a piece honey ! . Oop ! In the spirit of putting two and two together #swipe !

Assassination Attire ☝🏽! Yas Yas! These ladies came dressed to DEAD issues⚰️💐📚🌴 ! Lay them right on to #rest - night night issues ! #swipe and get into this gag chile! As you can hear (😭😂😅😅) I thoroughly enjoyed Ms Quad-Ms Quad and My Goodt Sis #tamarbraxton on @bravowwhl !!!! The ladies hit the clubhouse and had Kee Kee ☕️ with @bravoandy ! Several was spoke on honey🤭 ! The air got cleared and warnings were sent 🌴🤭 oop! It was a #teaparty ! You got a little bit of everything ! Good shade , fun shade , serious shade ! Witty Wisdom! Clever Convo ! Chile I handed over my life once it was over ! . #tamarbraxton was giving Dainty Lust! Chile giving the people mesh and wanting more ! Tay let it be known there might be drama in the #lbc but not up in this family! The #braxtonfamily is doing just fine ! Tayme has spoken to #mamae &the sisters -since the #braxtonfamilyvalues sit down w/ #rhondavanzant - Thank you very much ! Oh& I didn’t pay #tonibraxton ‘s “ I don’t like my family ..” any attention 🎻🎭.I know #toni goes grocery shopping at Tamar house 😂❤️.They’re super super close .Toni loves her family , it was just too much at that moment. Shoot Sometimes my family can be too much[ hi mom 😃👋🏽] .Sometimes I feel like I don’t like them .Sometimes I don’t like my d*mn self !So I completely understood where she was coming from.Tone is entitled to her feelings ! She was being Toni. #quad SERVED SHADE while sitting ☝🏽💁🏽‍♀️! She has a read waiting for several at the #marriedtomedicine reunion but sent a personal warning to Mrs Mariah 🤭! ❤️Listen I absolutely loved seeing Tay&Quad together !Their chemistry was everything! Great sister friend moments !One particular part they connected over their public divorces from their Headline Huzbands ! Tamar schooled Quad ( in a big sisterly way) on the stages of divorce .She reassured Quad that she will make it out. That’s what you call a conversation ! Not a tear down ! Catch!Who caught that? It’s on the house 🎯!Loved them together !Dynamic Duo if you ask me .Chile Go watch the full episode and throw up your life already ! #andycohen #bravo #marriedtomedicine #marriedtomed #braxton #trinabraxton #towandabraxton #evelynbraxton

#teamz’s Doll 🎀 House😍! . Chile I told y’all there was way too many dolls running round #theculture . Every which-a-way just doll after Doll. So I put all their a**es in a house . Our #dollhouse 😍🎀👱🏽‍♀️. That way we can check in on them and see what’s tea ☕️! . . #dreamdoll is tired of playing with you hoes ! She’s giving the people Bawdy 🍑and Bars 🎤 🔥 ! Soul not for sale Mona! #asiandoll wants #monascottyoung off her line 📱! She’s not interested in doing #loveandhiphop - period . Chile it might be exclamation mark ! Asian Doll don’t want no parts ! She took to Twitter to blast Mona🤭🌴! #kashdoll ( whom just killed it opening for #jayz and #beyonce on their #ontheruntour2 ) chopped it up with #djsmallz . She spoke on #cloutchasers 😷. Let’s just say she’s got you chasers number so don’t try it ! Nobody’s riding in on Kash 🐎 🐴 ! #cubandoll woke the people up and let them know she’s booked and busy ! She will be performing at #rollingloud in December! . It bet not be another Damn Doll entering the industry. Enough to capacity Chile. Done.

#thewades hit #kevinhart ‘s Show in #miami ! . . TeaMZ Favorite Liberal Couple Gab and Dwayne gifted Kevin and #enikohart ‘s baby boy #kenzo a custom jersey ! ❤️❤️❤️ #gabrielleunion #dwaynewade

Koko and P took True True to her first pumpkin 🎃 🚜🍂 patch ! . Too stinking cute ! Looking like her father ! #truethompson #khloekardashian #khlo #khloe #khlomoney #koko #koks #p #sister #penelopedisick #true #truetrue #kuwtk #keepingupwiththekardashians #tristanthompson

#bardigang loved our #bumpin Blood 🤰🏽❤️. She was so bute on #bumpwatch ! . . Carrying #cardi 🤰🏽worked hard while carrying #kulture .Let’s not forget Bumpin Belacalis was promoting an album , breaking records , present on social media , hosting shows , performing , shooting videos , accepting award -all while being pregnant 🤰🏽. America, digress , because I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up pregnant . That’s what happens when you’re in love and happy. Liking your husband. Loving y’all baby. Liking life . Living lovely 💰. Kulture probably around there melting her heart everytime she looks at her and then #offset . It’s probably a lot to take in . A lot of love ❤️. 🍆💦Just Get Shot Up sis🤰🏽. I’m here for it 🤸🏾‍♀️. As Long as I get new music, bomb visuals , social media presence , and you break records in between - I’m good . I’m not a selfish fan. I know my artist have to love and live !! Bust off Daddy Set ! @iamcardib @offsetyrn #cardib #babynumber2 #offsetcardib #offset #offsetandcardib

Jigga!! . More #hotshots from the cook out ( #aubreyandthethreeamigos tour ) ! Swipe and see Bey Bey and Jay make rounds and flick it up !! #swipe #bigboy #quavo #jayz #hov #beyonce #beyoncé #beyhive #beyhive🐝