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I have a PASSION😩😍for commentary🤤☕️!Not another messy blog !I read when it's right!#doyourgoodliving #goinandlethaveoneverybodyass #notmy #eatseveral

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What in the Stoopid Challenge ?! . #tekashi Girlfriend Jade is enjoying the hell out of her Protection Order the judge granted her today . She was one of the Suing Strippers that took #cardib to court for getting fucked up- allegedly 😬. Chile but the real gag is how the Suing Stripper is enjoying her she new found protection . Jade took and got herself a tattoo . She went #stoopid 🌈 and got 69 tatted on her . Her and FeFe only been together a few weeks! Literally a few weeks. Let’s not forget the molester is locked . Not for being a molester though . Other #realcharges (view previous post or google ). Whew Chile The Goofiness. #tekashi69 #tekashi6ix9ine #stoopidchallenge

Oh🤨😧. Well ...never mind then ! Let me call my bloods . #bardigang hold off on the drag . Stans throw out the voo doo dolls. . . Chile according to #cubandoll she has spoken to #cardib and #cardi is well aware that she had nothing to do with this whole threesome mess ! She said they’re cool . Omg Cuban Doll is so pretty 😍😍🤩. A rising rapper . Hey 👋🏽Cuban 😅.

Chile it ain’t been a goodt month of Sunday’s and #michellewilliams is already announcing a split from her Preacher Piece !!!! What in the #getout happened ?!? . Michelle 👀 what that white man do to you 👀 ? I mean I can’t lie , when I watched their reality show there was MAJOR red flags for me !!!!!!! Their communication seemed off. The connection seemed forced and idk ...they just didn’t sell or stick with me. I didn’t fall in love with them. I wasn’t obsessed . I didn’t mash their names together like I do with #kaevic ( #karrueche and #victorcruz ). Urgh ! Smh😢😢Michelle! Prayers sent to my belle ❤️! I pray this doesn’t make her slip into depression. We all know she suffers from that .

See @cubanndasavage , it’s like I always say 🗣Charges Get Beat Just Like Bitches Do! Oop👀. . . Our Bronx Bombshell #bardib avoided arrest today at court . Binderella was released in the Stripper Beat Down Case! Judge did however issue Orders of Protection for the strippers . But don’t let that get you all excited #cubandoll . You and yo lil friend don’t have orders yet ! #cardib

TeaMZ #blackboymagic !! . . One of the T’s in #tgt is standing with Kevin !!! He spoke up for #kevinhart after @theacademy left him no choice but to step down after they saw a few #lgbt 🌈 tweets he tweeted in 2009. (View previous post). I love this ! Especially considering all the sugar reportedly in his #tank 🤸🏾‍♀️!

Cu-Cuz! Cousin!!!!❤️💓💜💕 . Chi can’t wait to pump tea with True True . Give her some time Chi , naps together will due for now ❤️❤️💞! #swipe #kardashiankids #kardashian #keepingupwiththekardashians #kuwtk #truethompson #chicago #chicagowest #kimkardashian #kimk #kimkardashianwest #khloekardashian #tristanthompson #triflingtristan

How much your goons cost sis ? #nickiminaj got America putting two and two together about her Payola Piece . . Whew Chile the criminal ! Listen , I love my Thicki but what Is her tea as of lately ?! I’m so thrown off -I’m damn near through ! . Having America runnin’ round’ here playing Clue and Guess Who with this Rent A Thug she’s with. Or should I say thugs because just the other night ( view previous post) she was out to eat with the same Serial Killer and another Du Ragged fella. Throwing up gun signs with their fingers , making sounds , and screaming ! Chile I damn near thought it was fucking #treway okay ! I’m like what the hell is going on ?! Like what is her tea ?!? Who is this Payola Piece - Period. Like I wanna know . Urgh I hate that I question how she moves because I love her ! Why isn’t being 💣💣💣💣🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 bomb af good enough for her ? She is perfection in the face ! So cute to me ! Adorably beautiful! But She’s popping out the cut with goons we ain’t never seen her with .. it’s just all too corny for me . All too pressed . All too fake blood . All too too okay . Too much . Why all these stunts ?! I would say he looks corny but she’s been giving me corny lately and she’s known to be with corny niggas. Long Slong Safaree is the corniest no shade , I love him , but we know Nicki’s type ! Urgh I hate reading her but Harpo, I don’t know who this man is . Nicki said the more we talk she laughs so I know she’s dying by now chile. All the laughs because America wants to know who this new piece is ! When y’all find out let me know ! The people say he’s a rapist . #swipe for tweets and post

😴😴😴😴😑 Bye #offset . Everybody’s baby father/ ex don’t wanna see them with anyone after them . That’s when niggas wanna be a killers 😴😴😴 and super threatening 😴😴. That crazy shit don’t work on me . #cardib died when she saw you on FaceTime with that bitch “B” . How about that .

Why won’t the pretty just be pretty and the bad bitches just be bad ! ! Why isn’t being bomb enough ?! 💣😩. @monascottyoung do y’all have unemployment? . Chile my next nigga better fuck with me as hard as Joseline fuck with her own music. I tell you that much ! Teacups , our Puerto Rican Princess 👑 is determined to do music . #joselinehernandez is gonna force feed us bars whether we can understand them or not . Whether we want them or not . Baby she said we gon’ get this music - period ! Whew Jesus be a Rosetta Stone . #loveandhiphopatlanta #loveandhiphop #lhhatl

So y’all petty petty @theacademy ? . . How is the #theacademy gonna offer #kevinhart the job of hosting the #oscars , allow him to ANNOUNCE it , then GIVE HIM AN ULTIMATUM?!!! What in the HIPAA violation is going on here ?! I mean Isn’t that like , not allowed ?! I mean , they always say we don’t know the half of the industry but this is beyond me ! I’m outraged and I don’t even watch the damn Oscars. Chile I wasn’t even offered the damn job and I’m mad ! You would think I was hosting ! Whew Chile Am my Kevin ? . . What you not gonna do is judge me for THE OLD ME! That’s what we’re not doing . We’re doing everything BUT that ! They wanted @kevinhart4real to apologize for tweets FROM 2009! 2009 y’all ! #swipe ! Tweets he’s already ADDRESSED ! They don’t tell you that part though . They don’t look that up ! Who doesn’t evolve ?! We evolve daily ! We’re not the same ever ! Day to day I get wiser if I must say so myself 😌! So Our views change ! What we think is acceptable to put out in the world changes ! Listen , I’m only 29 and I swear I go back and read some of the stuff I posted at 18,19, and 20 AND CRINGE!!!!! But I’m not apologizing for it though ! I let my growth show !!!!!!!! The oscars think they slick ! They just needed a reason , oh I’m going there because that’s where it’s at for me . They needed a reason , they never really wanted Kevin hosting !! Keep your white ass award show ! We good! Kevin , baby fuck them okay. Fuck them . #keepyourwhiteassawardshow #wegoodt

Look at that Schocolate 🍫 Pooh . Succulent Soup Coolers🤤. Such a black man ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽! . Teacups our fella fav #meekmill hit @breakfastclubam to chop it up with #charlamagnethagod , #angelayee , and #djenvy ! That Schocolate Pooh is tired of the #nickiminaj and #drake questions! He’s had about enough and I have too ! Move around America ! We are done with that ! This fine black man just gave y’all a whole album ! Let’s talk that solely ! He’s damn near been a pillar in the culture since he’s came home and everyone’s focusing on the negative . Keep trying to tie him in with them . Leave him alone about that already . I wonder if #nicki unfollowed #drizzy because Meek Meek and Drake made amends ???? 👀🤸🏾‍♀️

Damn Tommie ! #teamzrealcharges #teamzlocked Up ! . Just when we thought our favorite Rough Neck #tommielee was getting out she gets RE-Arrested ! You read right ! Locked back up on her way out ! Whew Chile she loves the pin! Sources say she'll get a 2nd shot at being released later this month. Let’s dish the disturbing deets ! . According to @tmz_tv : Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Tommie was set to be released from Georgia's Cobb County Jail with an ankle monitor on Nov. 7, but the "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star got rearrested the same day for violating probation in her DUI case.The violation was the result of getting arrested TWICE within 24 hours for allegedly stalking her daughter and slamming the child into a school locker back in October. __________________ Damn Tommie ! We are rooting for her ! She truly is our favorite crazy person ever !!!!

😭😭😂😭😭😭😭! Y’all know we love a goodt #datenight ! Especially a freaky one 👀😋😛🤪🤩😍😘! I want my man whole tongue on my date 😋😊😊😊😊😊😊. I suck tongues 😭😭😭😊😊😊! . #dcyoungfly is one of our #fellafavs after this spotting ! We love him but after this we will be keeping up with him even more ! He’s our type of people ! He was caught on the #kisscam giving his bae that work 😭😭😂❤️! Funny af!

Girl Fuck These Niggas- and Blout Bhasing Hoes! . ❤️❤️😍😍😍😍Teacups, don’t we love a Goodt #girlpower moment ? . . Two of my favorite New Yorkers ran into each other last night at club #eleven #swipe. I can just sense after the hug Tey was like “Bitccchhhh I’m so sorry “ etc then started to share how she handles her man dogging her-I mean doing dumb stuff 😁. And #cardib was giving “ whattt ?? Das’ crazy and you wanna know something das’ why I’m done and everything “ . It was giving me exchange, encouragement, and enlighten . Whew Chile I just over analyzed the hell out of this 😭😭😭! #cardib #bardigang #bardi #teyanataylor #tey

#whileweweregone . #cardib and #yungmiami were spotted giving Lion King Realness shooting the video for #citygirls #twerk . #swipe they look so bute❤️. Twerking on everything the light touches !!!! I love the animal 🦓 🐆 theme @yungmiami305 !!! ! I can’t wait to see the video !!!! It’s giving me mother land. Twerking for our forefathers ! The mothers before us ! Pride Rock !! Period !!!!!!! #swipe

#whileweweregone . . #hotshots from the #versace Show ! All of our favs were there ! Newly married #2chainz and #keshaward was in the building . Look at Kesha! #swipe for your favs #kimkardashian ,#ciara , #winnieharlow , and so many more ! Oh and “happy” Kanye was there too ! The smiling one . The #kanyewest that makes silly faces . That one . Not the college drop out . The one right before the mania hits.

Going Skrong ! . Chile #iggyazealea and #playboicarti are not thinking about y’all . They are serious about their relationship and they’re not out to prove anything . The two were spotted catching a flight outta Toronto ! #goingstrong

What had happened was what ?! I know it wasn’t fefe. 😢. Nicki and Drake unfollow each other on insta. . Family’s feud!? Unh unh . Where’s #lilwayne ?! #youngmoney #youngmula #weezy #weezyfbaby #drake #drizzydrake #drizzy #nickiminaj #nicki #beef