This weekend in @nieuwsblad , our home ! #ihavethisthingwithjulie . . . . . #lennartvanuffelen #julievanmulders #interiordesign #interior #tabletige #functionalitykillsthefun #belgiandesign #interview
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#bodypositive because fuck you if you don’t like it. learn to go find what you like and leave people live their life exactly how they want to. Why? Because don’t YOU want to live your life the way YOU want to without some asshole trying to tell you that you’re doing it wrong? Be kind. If for no other reason than that’s how you wish others to treat you. Guess what. I’ve put on weight. Guess what. I’m happier than I’ve been in the prior 8+ years where I ate a “model diet” and deprived myself of having fun with friends at restaraunts, enjoying Christmas dinner with family, or doing dumb things like zero carbs, zero this zero that in hopes that I wouldn’t have cellulite because I put my nude body online and was worried cellulite, rolls, or anything but skinny wasn’t sexy. CONFIDENCE IS SEXY. HAPPINESS IS SEXY. And you know what? There is a body shape and size that someone finds sexy. I might not be your cup of tea. But baby, I am SOMEONES cup of tea. And all I want is to be MY OWN CUP OF TEA. I am happy, I am living my life finally. I am not hungry and angry and weak anymore. I lift heavy shit. I eat poutine. I also eat salad and make sure I’m getting my vitamins. I have a fucking FUN ass to grab now and my husband gives absolutely no fucks that I’ve put on a little weight. If you do? I feel sorry for you. There are a lot better things in life to be concerned about than appearance. Especially someone elses. (This was inspired by a youtube comment on a 1 million view+ video that I’ve “gotten chunky” and that he was concerned about my appearance because my career depends on it. But he said, no offence, so that makes it ok.)

En mi casa es difícil aburrirse porque a tooodos nos encanta hacer cosas juntos. 💕 En nuestros ratos libres amamos ver series, programas de baile y canto.🎙 Nos gusta The Voice y ahora estamos pegadísimos con el de @jlo, World Of Dance. 💃🏻 Disfrutamos muchííííííísimo hacer ejercicio juntos e ir a la piscina 💪🏼 y no saben en lo que se convierte mi casa cuando hacemos karaoke hahaha. 😂 Confieso que aunque lo intentamos, no es nuestro talento, ¡pero nos reímos un mundo! 🤭 ¿Y tu familia cómo es? Cuéntame cómo disfrutan sus ratos libres.🙌🏼 #VidaRashel

Inspired by military-style. Made for every- day wear. #timex ⌚️: Allied 42mm Silicone Strap | TW2R60400

#madethekutt @iamlyndarose #kuttgurls #kuttgirls

back less long t-shirt 6453 ♥ ¥3400 . . 背中のデザインが特徴的なTシャツです👀 カラーバリエーションも豊富です💕 *配送がはやくなりました🚎〃 *プロフィールのリンクをクリックすると商品購入ページにつながります . . #新作 #新商品 #韓国ファッション #オルチャン #韓国通販 #ファッション通販 #コーディネート #プチプラ #今日のコーデ #2018SS #옷스타그램 #멋스타그램 #스타일 #olchang #ootd #fashion #affordable #koreanfashion #followalways #17kg #イチナナキログラム

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Prachtig appartement!

2017-11-11 01:27:08


Lennart Van Uffelen
2017-11-11 00:36:25

@c0ldchain da gaat hier weeral een lange slepende rechtzaak tussen ons worden...

Sara Feskens
2017-11-11 00:22:37


Tom Volkaert
2017-11-11 00:11:49

@lennartvu tis te hopen da ge ne goeien advocaat hebt want den tommy is ni content ze nauw

Lennart Van Uffelen
2017-11-10 23:53:05

@c0ldchain ge wordt dik tegen uw goesting uitdrukkelijk vermeld

Tom Volkaert
2017-11-10 23:48:34