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SuicideGirls 💋

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Have you seen @killahkvsh's newest #photoset "Sour Flower"? Click the link in our bio and enjoy it in it's entirety now 💚 #suicidegirls #memberreview #tattoos #girlswithtattoos

Mak Lambe

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Si A nyindir si B Si B bales nyindir si A Si A bales nyindir si B lagi Si B bales nyindir si A lagi . . Gitu aja terus sampe spongebob nikah sama dora.

Riuscirà a sopravvivere?#movimento5litri #m5l

Праздник окончен 🙊 Отмечай всех кто не услышал 👇😆 Видео | @_badkings_

Photo @carpediemstudiolucap68 Genoa, february 2018. ❤

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Malachi Barton

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HAPPY BDAY TO MY TWIN!!!! Thanks for being the J to my PB! 😂 @nickyisboss


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PSA: Too often we’re labeled “angry black women” for having the audacity to be RIGHT. #igstorygems Like the concept of white supremacy the trope of the ABW is baseless. It’s just a tool of diminishment meant to quiet constructive critique in favor of coddled egos. #amandaseales

Ahsaas Channa

1 Day 12 Hours Ago

I know big boss is over.But imma still post this because she’s too funny to act out. #arshikhan #bigboss #musicallyindia #theacclan

I really need to start on my English essay but I want to see Black Panther first rip

Учитесь парни 😄 Главное это быть смелым 😊 Видео | @immal1k

😈😈 @sexartmood

National Geographic

3 Days 12 Hours Ago

Photo by @robertclarkphoto | The concept of the heart as the center of love and emotions has a long history. Besides the idea of a broken heart or a heart that swells with love or gratitude the heart has meant different this to different groups of people. In the West, the heart has evolved as a symbol of love, in both romantic and religious spheres.  In the East, it is seen as a symbol of wisdom and spirituality. The iconic heart symbol was identified in the culture of the Cro Magnon hunters of Europe before the last Ice Age (10,000-8000 BCE). The inference of the icon to the hunters remains a mystery. The ancient Egyptians (3500 BC-1000 BC) believed the heart controlled the mind and soul, and that it was the center of morality. It was also considered the source of memory, emotions, and personality. They believed that God spoke to individuals through the heart.  There was concern among Egyptians that after death, that the heart might testify against the deceased; to prevent this, the ancient Egyptians often wrapped a heart scarab within the bandages to prevent the heart from speaking. The 5000 year old ancient Chinese culture believes that the heart is the root of the body, mind and soul of life.  Additionally it controls joy, reflects facial expression, and has important roles in the psyche. The Jewish culture goes back 5000 years as well. The Old testament, originated around 1500 BC, and references to the heart abound . It is viewed as the organ of conscience, the origin of human action, imagination, determination, emotion, love, virtue and vice, good and evil, humility and pride. The  heart is revealed as the "inner" person. I photographed this heart at the @MutterMuseum in #philadelphia for a story about the human heart and the modern effort to heal it. This heart is from the 1800's and has all the fat stripped away from it for that we can see the muscular organ. #heart

Sudah hadir ibu Karmila, korban selamat dari tanjakan emen. . . . Sebelum kecelakaan terjadi, beliau seperti sudah memiliki firasat, tiba-tiba teringat suami dan anaknya. . . Saat itu juga beliau langsung menghubungi suami nya dan berkata "Kok mama tiba-tiba kangen sama papa dan anak-anak yaaaa.."


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Lai Dawud

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Snap premium sale #suicidegirls

Oğuzhan Uğur

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Ekip yolda. Angara’ya geliyorlar. 🌹🖤🏹 @babalativi