Ir a trabajar a mi @efalaserna y encontrarte con una master class de @marquinetti hace que la tarde no pudiese ser mejor junto a mis compañeras @ro_arroyo, Cinthya y Mercedes disfrutando de las mejores pizzas del mundo!!! #marquinetti #pizza #delicia #librodedicado #efalaserna #masterclass #elmejorpizzerodelmundo #lamejorescueladelmundo
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Photo by @mishkusk (Michaela Skovranova) A juvenile humpback whale after feeding. This photograph was captured off the coast of the Kingdom of Tonga. - Every year thousands of whales migrate to these warm waters to breed and give birth. The annual migration of humpback whales from their feeding grounds in the Antarctic to their breeding grounds in Tonga is one of the largest and longest animal movements in the world and is essential for their survival as a species. The calves are believed to consume up to 150 liters of their mother’s rich and fatty milk per day, allowing them to gain weight at the rate of about 45 kgs per day. They will need all their strength for the long and tedious journey to their feeding grounds in the Antarctic. #wildlife #nature #underwater #ocean #humpbackwhale #tonga #humpbackwhalecalf

Good morning instafam💛 So this is just validation that they don’t only own your heart and life but also your bed🤣🤷‍♀️ Wouldn’t change it for the world! Yes! We are pretty much sleeping with both🙃 - Alessandro was already since baby; then Adrianno would sleep in his crib that’s next to the bed and some nights i would just let him stay with me in bed after the 3-4am feeding. However few days back to now he acts like his crib has ants 🐜 in it and bite him. He doesn’t want to sleep in there😆 No es bobo 🙃 - #theaerbrothers #unstoppablefitfamily

Last night Make up by กรู 🤣 Hair by กรู 🤣

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