А как вы провели свои выходные???☉☉☉☉☉☉☉☉ Ну вот и закончились первые жаркие выходные😍 было ну ооооочень круто!!!😎 наши базы посетило более 500 человек😱 почему ты ещё не в их рядах?👭👬👫👬👭👭👬👫👫 #базаотдыхалето #базаотдыхасветлана #парное #лето #озера #красноярск #ачинск #ужур #красноярскийкрай Лето только началось, поэтому у вас все впереди🏊
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Ketika TIK-TOKan ama orang tua 🤣🤣 Gini nih.. Gak paham-paham kalo diajarin.. Hadeeeehh😪@ajis_gagap22 @ummi_quary #TikTok #TikTokRicu #RickyCuaca

کیا تو عروسی هاشون با آهنگای ما رقصیدن؟؟؟ یه خاطره از آهنگای سه برادر خداوردی بگید؟ حالا اگر دوس دارید سه برادر خداوردی در مجالس شما عزیزان حضور داشته باشند و با آهنگای شاد ، مهیج لحظات خاطره انگیز و متفاوتی را برای شما به وجود بیارن همین الان به دایرکت جهت رزرو مراجعه فرمایید🌷 @3baradar_khodaverdi @baghtalar_ariel @danialtaghayi @alirezakhodaverdi10 @meysam_khodaverdi_official #سه_برادر_خداوردی #موزیک #اجرا #عروسی #مورچه_داره #عروس #داماد #لایک #کامنت #تهران #گرمدره

No excuses I do definently not feel for it these days, im not super pumped or energetic by any means, I would love to just chill on the couch, eat a whole lot of crap and just relax, I could probably mention a hundred more things I would rather do than go and workout But would it benefit me to just chill and do nothing, nope it definently wouldnt! There's absolutely nothing wrong with taking it slowly, cutting down on a lot of things, but using your pregnancy as an excuse to stop exercising altogether is unnecessary, unless you got servere complications ofcourse You are pregnant, not ill, sick or unable to move your body, thousands of lazy ladies use it as an excuse to do nothing, eat junk and boss around with their poor men, and that right there is the reason many pregnant women put on unnecessary weight, become moody and kill those positive vibes in their relationship, some women really need to woman up and take responsibility of themselves during their pregnancy Healthy food = Healthy you and healthy baby Exercising = Healthy you and healthy baby Staying active and social = Healthy you and healthy relationship Staying healthy altogether = Happy you, happy baby, happy hubby, more love, more sex, more fun There's no excuses just like there is no drawbacks to a healthy and active lifestyle Health is wealth #wealth #overdue #activelifestyle #everyday

What a Magical night out for the Ronald McDonald House Charity Ball DRESSED by @zac_menstailors @rmhcvicball #rmhcvicball @rmhcvictas #rmhcvictas @connectentertainment #connectevents

Har du övernattat i en igloo någon gång? Här i Åre är det möjligt - mitt på Åreskutan, ski in-ski out skulle man kunna säga. #älskasnö #skistaråre

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