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SPIRITUALITY | YOGA | VEGAN | SELFLOVE Helping all Women to know that we are Queens 💚 Encouraging, empowering & uplifting others ☯️🍃 SC:steviepringle

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The most successful people, failed their way forward!! Everyone wants success, but no one wants the struggle!! You can't have one without the other. The rainbow doesn't come out, unless it has first, rained!! 💯

Team us, we ain't worried bout you✌🏽

From Rosetown to Brisbane! 💯🌎 Happy Birthday Miss Harmony! Thank you for bringing everyone together baby girl 💚

Yaaaas!!! #truth! @derrickgracetwo thank you for sharing 👌🏽 #realtalk

You cannot hide anything from the conscious person. 💚💚💚 Everything in our exterior is a result of our interior. 💚💚💚 The way we think, creates our lives. 💚💚💚 What does your external life say about your internal thoughts? #deep

#repost ・・・ *Birth story* She arrived 2 weeks ago and was birthed into the hands of her Father, at her home, after about 7 hours of active labor. What a thrill and what a blessing to be confident enough, strong enough, healthy enough, empowered enough, able enough, and most importantly, educated enough to bring my own child Earth Side unassisted! We had prepared our bedroom to birth our baby and it was exactly what I had imagined: Beautiful plants like bamboo, yucca, and cotton. A diffuser lightly giving the air in our room a calming lavender scent. Dim lighting glowing from our Himalayan pink salt rock lamps. Clean. Pure. Serene... We used the tub to help ease 2nd phase contractions and it was so very welcome! By the time the 3rd phase came, the pressure intensified to levels I've never before imagined! I don't want to call it pain because that would only add to the narrative of fear, but WOW! Unless you've had a child, you can't foretell what that will feel like. I found that though these contractions were incredibly difficult, they were manageable *ONLY* because I had learned that a woman typically only has to bear through around 8-12 of these super intense contractions to become fully dilated and bring forth her child. I slept between these contractions because I was so exhausted (we labored overnight) and after each one asked "How many is that?!". It's truly the only thing that got me through. Once fully dilated, I knew the next step was baby's arrival! The Ring of Fire is exactly that; what feels like a ring of fire around your vagina as the baby begins to crown. These contractions make you feel like you *need* to push! The surge just takes over your body completely and even though I knew it best to resist, I struggled to not give in and consequently ended up tearing. I'll do better next time. My husband suggested I take the squatting position, which is the best way to birth a child, and immediately after doing so, baby started coming! He crouched beneath us, hands ready, and after about 3-5 enormous contractions, Daddy caught our sweet baby in his hands! She was a perfect little girl with a head full of hair! *Continued in comments*

Somebody pinch me! 💚💚💚 When life is so great, you aren't sure if you're dreaming?! 💚💚💚 Everything I have ever worked n hoped for is coming right to my fingertips! 💚💚💚 All because I made a DECISION! 💚💚💚 What decision could you make that might change the course of your life forever? 💚💚💚 You don't know until you try!

Who's in YOUR circle? 💚 I choose to be an Eagle! 🦅 Monday motivation - stay grinding! 💯 8 more days! ✈️

First time since moving to Australia (three years), and probably the longest EVER that we've been apart for in our whole seven years! 😂 if it scares and excites you at the same time, then you know you're on the right track! #relationshipgoals #countdown

FRIDAY FEELS! 💚💚💚 With me finishing mahi (work) in less than 2 weeks, I resonate with this post! 💚💚💚 Does what you do fulfill you? 💚💚💚 Are you happy? 💚💚💚 Are you living a life that's unlimited? 💚💚💚 I am looking forward to throwing myself into the unknown and chasing my dreams! Because not enough people do! 💚💚💚 We only have ONE life and we ARE worth it!! 💚💚💚 Make it count! #happyfriday

Although we are a family of #vegans our baby, Kush still eats right! Raw food only, just like nature intended for our little fur baby. Turkey necks & salmon tonight 😊💚 She's such a smarty pants! #dogsofinstagram

I have this affirmation placed on my desk at work. I read this every morning before I start work and have been reading it regularly over the past 7 years. It is only now that I realise I am living the truth of this affirmation! I am so happy and grateful now for the opportunities flowing to me, bringing such amazing people into my life and the lives of those I love! 💚💎 #bosslady

I love doing life with you 💚 Always striving to be and do better! 💚 Love, loyalty, honesty & commitment for the last 7 years 💚 Who would have thought we would be where we are today?! But here we are, loving life! 💚

"Success is for everybody, but everybody isn't for success." Darrin Gibson 💎

Date night with my love on the Brisbane river 💚 #love

Home made ice blocks. Banana and blue berry #vegans

HERE'S TO US! Building our legacy! 💚 New us, new beginnings, new relationships, new experiences! 💚 To be continued...

WHAT IS YOUR WHY? 💚💚💚 My WHY, is hugely dedicated to the next generations! 💚💚💚 Who is paving the way for them? 💚💚💚 What are we leaving them? 💚💚💚 What are we teaching them? 💚💚💚 What are we surrounding/exposing them with/to? 💚💚💚 I have so many tamariki (children) in my life! I just want to be the one who shows them, YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD! 🌍 You can chase your dreams no matter how big or small! ✨ I want them to KNOW, confidently, that they can do whatever their heart desires and they CAN and WILL achieve it! 💯 The best way to have them know this, is to set the standards and achieve this myself! That's why I'm out here doing what I'm doing! 💪🏽🙌🏽👍🏽 #boss

Simply, loving where I am right now 💚

These two feeling very happy with themselves after making fruit salad for breakfast! 💚🍎🍌🍊 #vegan #veganbabies

First time I've ever been able to lift my body into a headstand like this!! I must say, feeling pretty pleased with myself! 😂👌🏽 #yoga got me here!! 💚

Late night #paradigmshift event catch ups from Brisbane, Australia 💚 @proctorgallagher

KIMIORA GETS DREADS!! 💚 Link in my bio of our second visit to @organicdreadlocks Like, comment & share 🙌🏽

Sun gazing at Wellington Point ✨ #lifestyle #nofilter

Just a little something I whipped up 😂💁🏽👅 #vegan #springrolls

You heard it from the man himself @jimisworld - don't be a fuckwit 😂 💯💚 hectik night!

"Former education will make you a living. Self education will make you a fortune." #goals

There's something about the blue sky and the green trees that bring serenity to my mind, body & soul. Looking forward to going back this weekend 💚 #nofilter

WHAT'S MORE POWERFUL OR IMPORTANT THAN YOU?! 💚 In the words of J Cole "love yourself girl, or nobody will" 💚 Speaking from experience, self love can be lost so easily! & it takes a lot of work to get it back! I can tell you, that it IS worth the hard work. NOTHING GREAT IS EASILY WON!

HOW IMPORTANT IS YOUR HAPPINESS? 💚 It costs nothing to share a smile and share some positivity & love! 💚 Let's work towards uplifting and empowering each other, instead of judging and tearing one another down. 💚 HAPPINESS IS IMPORTANT TO ME! & I love to share my happiness with those around me! It makes me happy to see others happy, also. 💚 Will you start your day today by sharing happiness with someone?

What motivates YOU to get up in the morning? 💪🏽☺️ I find, now that I know my PASSION, my WHY, my REASON, it is easier for me to jump out of bed at 4:30am like this morning! 💚 If you don't know what that is yet, then spend the time needed to figure out what your reason & why is! ✨Waking up with a purpose is one of the most fulfilling feelings in the world! #blessed

That time I made @ashybines Banana 🍌 Nice Cream 🍦 with cacao powder 💚 Literally just frozen banana, blended with cacao powder. You can have any flavour you wish! Cacao powder can help boost your mood, it promotes a sense of well-being. Cacao also has minerals such as magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, copper & manganese. #vegan